Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


Absolutely, the biggest home is always the cheapest in terms of price per sqft.


Ok, set me straight on this cuz both listings wanted to highlight their Viking stove. I thought Viking was kinda passe’ at one point and frankly not very good. I went with DCS myself since at the time, it was highly rated. Wife uses the heck out it.


No, Viking is considered very high end (also Bosch), so that’s why both houses showcased it.


Ok, I might have gotten it mixed up with Wolf brand. Still around?


Don’t know about Wolf, but I’m flipping a home in Lafayette, which should sell for over $1M, and I’m considering installing Viking appliances to spice things up…


Not this one, right???:grinning: It’s gonna need more than Viking appliances to be spiced up for market…


Ouch… I am the faint hearted as far as this one goes. Will not touch it with a 10 foot pole!


Branding wise - Wolf (red knobs)/SubZero (same company now) > Viking


Subzero is overated crap…High cost high maintenance. .Kitchenaid is just as good…Wolf is known for commercial ranges…I now have a Wolf double oven…takes too long to heat up…The previous owner never used it…12 years old looks brand new…Cool blue interior though…And extra heavy racks

Kitchen appliances are all about fashion…Want the best, go to Purcell Murray in Brisbane. …has LaCornue and all the fancy shit. Staring at $56k…

Not the cheapest, but only the best appliances…Plus they have cooking classes…


Too high end for me. I think Viking is the most I would go for in a fancy flip. I myself uses whirlpools at home and get my cabinets from granite expo… yes, I’m a very economy minded person.


Just go for the cooking classes…Great place to meet women. .


Come on, not the Martin Yan sponsored place… :slight_smile:

Isn’t it a requirement that if you have a Rousseau home that you have to go high end? Comes with the territory… It would be like putting fuzzy dice in that Costco Mclaren sports car…:grinning:


Why? The previous owner didn’t even have a dishwasher. So no, I don’t think inner sunset Rousseau home owners are high end people.


GE is the not too expensive and not too cheap brand. So I have mostly GE :grinning: appliances.


Buy used vikings for fancy flips. Dont need to pay for a brand new one. No one cares if its sparkling new, as long as viking logo is there


I do have a used one. However it is very dated. Looks like a Viking fridge from the 90s. No, have to get a new one…


I meant a few year old ones, a buddy of mine got them for 50c on the dollar.


Viking range only. .Use Kitchenaid for everthing else…or maybe GE Monogram…Good for highend


I always used McPhails in SJ for my appliance supplier…Mcphails may not be around anymore…On low end flips I like Lowe’s or HD…Can buy a stainless package for less than $2k…For rentals, it is easy to find deals on white goods on craigslist…People practically give them away when switching to stainless


I recently bought a stainless steel package for about $1500 for my rental. But turns out that tenant doesn’t event want the fridge. Quite the waste…