Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


@RealEstatebull are you still actively flipping? In what area?


Hey @manch, no not all by myself.
investing with folks that are experienced. Hard to find good delas to do just myself.

I’m looking for buy and hold properties though.


Shoot, mind as well add this one for discussion. Big, redone Outer Sunset tunnel entranced beauty and priced fairly high from the get-go. No low teaser pricing here! What say you? Will the high start price be its undoing? I will go with 1.5M just to pick a number.


Well, this one is Inner Sunset so gotta include here since pricing is fairly high or not? It is huge…

Hey @Elt1, are you familiar with Dryvit stucco? I am reading stuff online and it is not exactly positive regarding what I guess is a synthetic stucco.


Discount for bad house number.


Not sure if Asians will notice that though, as opposed to the usual 444…


Dryvit was a cheap alternative to GFRC for office buildings…Basically a brand of stucco…Being a patented brand it has been subject to lawsuits…It had integral color…No paint needed…Problems occur when it gets old and cracks…Then it needs to be patched and painted…


Yeah, I thought it was odd to point this out as a plus… oh well


How is house number bad? Are you referring to “666” or “16664”?


Wow - three bedrooms upstairs on a full-blown remodel.1635 40th around the corner just sold for 1.525 with only two bedrooms up and lower quality finishes (compare the kitchens!). All 1635 40th had to its advantage was a view of the ocean from the bedrooms.

This one will be interesting.


Any luck on finding a home yet? Seems to be a consistent flow of new inventory coming onto the market. I am aware of a smaller but completely redone home on 30th between Ortega and Noriega that should come onto the market soon. May be too small for you but the owner is a Coldwell agent who lived there while rehabbing it. Has found a new project so off he goes with his capital gains exclusion…


Gosh, a steal(?) at just over 1M??? Small and original kitchen/bath, but good sized yard and downstairs potential with the tunnel entrance. Close to L line…


Not a steal, but considering that excelsior fixer sold for $1m, well I would much rather go for something like this.


Have to agree, way better location in general. I spoke to my neighbor agent last night who handled the sis inlaw’s Lawton home sale. Just to tell you how crazy the market is, that home may return to the market soon after the remodel for 2M. Nuts…


Oh… your sis in law family lost big…


Some of them are so stupid and greedy. My bro and I told them to do a full nice remodel and they should make out big from it. No, no doing it, we want our money. Bro is like you and probably @Elt1 , a Cal graduate and could care less about what other people think. He used to drive an old beat up truck for rental usage and he would park it on his drive up driveway in Saratoga. I am sure his hoitty toitty neighbors did not like to see that at all…


Well at least your brother is not that cheap when it comes to his residence… he could’ve lived in EPA to save on the cost of home ownership…


One word: Wife


Mind as well add this one to the mix…starting at 1.5M now…