Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


Wow, I was pretty close…


Dang, @wuqijun, selling your place to fund our fabulous Holiday dinner??? Really, you don’t need to…:grin:


Um… is this even Sunset? :laughing:


They are calling it Inner Parkside…


Um… ok, borderline Inner Parkside and west portal…


Ok, this one is pretty nice…


This house lies on one of the BETTER streets of west portal sold 1.15 in march/17


Oh, this is an interesting one, a SFH with a separate apartment unit.


1st buyer (bought 2002 650k sold 2012 850k): :sob:
2nd buyer (bought 2012 850k and sold 2015 1.4M): :rofl:
3rd buyer (bought 2015 1.4M and sold 2017 at ???): ???
4th buyer (bought 2017 at ???): ???


Oooh, it will be tough to beat what the 2nd buyer managed to pull off (550K gain)…


Boom! 1.85M baby!!! 252K over asking!!!


Boom!!! 1.75M!!! Dare I say it, cheap for 6 bds 4 baths and 2247 sq ft!!!


Ok, I definitely want to see what happens on this one since I want to do a similar strategy if it is worth it one day.


Dang, a lot of product coming onto the market… I think I just got an update that 7 new Sunset homes are for sale. OMG, the horror of no Algebra!!! Sell!!! Sell!! Sell!!!


Geez, original condition with old tiled bathrooms and priced for 1.25M. Wow! This should tell a lot about the current Sunset market.


Ok, not too shabby, goes for 1.7M!!! 301K over asking!!!


Ok, this shows how crazy that orig one is priced. Better avenue, bigger house, more sq ft and REMODELED and only technically 46K more. Gee, which one would you take???


One selling at listing and the other selling at 400k premium.


Ok, this will be interesting. Right on a freeway essentially. Wonder what it will go for…


Description says: Section 8 $3200 per month. First time I see Section 8 in Sunset… :thinking: