Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


Oh interesting…but makes sense. Only “desperate” Sec 8 participants would really have to accept living on a freeway considering it is subsidized rent. Nobody else in their right mind would do it…


Oh come on, plenty of actual home owners live on 19th.


Want and have to are different worlds my friend…


19th ave is not that bad. If you have to choose between that and Bayview where would you prefer?


Probably not too bad if you don’t own a car (and are close to say the L or N lines). It is just too many cars whizzing by all the time or crawling by. No peace and quiet, ever…


Wow, yes the closeness to West Portal perhaps is causing it, but still…sold for 2.65M, still 355K over asking!!!


OK, a @wuqijun special, a Rousseau style home is on the clock. Come on, ONE PIC and you are stating in current condition (you know what that means) and still asking for 1.5M??? WTF???

Ok, where do I sign…:laughing:


Nice looking. My home is a dumbed down version of that with just 2 front windows rather than 3… :frowning_face:


2M candidate???


Pending!!! Wow…


Ok, smack dab on the Sunset freeway yet priced ok. Will be interesting what folks think about this one.


No lowball start rate here for these two lovely Central Sunset beauties. Which one goes Pended first???


Wow, Contingent!!! Wonder what the contingency is? Remove the freeway that is in front of the house???


Wow, price increase for Sunday Freeway duplex!!!


So close to taraval… that intersection is by far the worst…


Yeah, I agree that particular stretch is the worst since cars are really flying by at elevated speeds. Judah and 19th is also bad because of the reverse, too much stalled traffic at those blocks. During the Summer months, 19th Ave is just horrendous with the added tourists and vacationers trying to head North to GGB. Fortunately, Sunset Blvd isn’t on everyone’s radar but it too can be bad too during early mornings as you head towards Brotherhood and 280. That is why wifey finally agreed to perhaps moving elsewhere if I wanted to. Chinatown!!!


You are nowhere close to those noisy streets though. Chinatown is much noisier and even more congested, not only traffic but also the crowd.


Wifey drives to take 280 North so it does impact her since she takes off about 8am. From Chinatown, her commute would be 15 minutes tops. I know, by the time we move there, she will be retired. Even better access to fresh and cheaper produce. Live prawns and crabs galore!!!


Wow, 1.48M for a technically Outer Sunset fixer!!! Market is still flaming white hot!!!


Way down by Sloat too. Feeling pretty good about being an Outer Sunset homeowner right now.