Castle in France and House in Menlo Park Cost the Same

Each costs 3.25M.



Castle is a bit old. May need some TLC. :rofl:

Maintenance of castle per year could be the same as the price of the castle :slight_smile:


In France their are a million bureaucratic rules about what you can and cannot do. Makes these old relics worthless

So you all are saying the Menlo house is a better deal.

I agree.


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Unless you want to breath smoke and dry air 10 months of the year with unstable geography
I still Prefer UK as it is more to North, more Rainy and more digital economy. less industrial pollution.
water and property council tax values are far lower.

Courts and views.

The South of France is heaven on earth. Northern England is dreary and miserable. Their only salvation is package holidays to Mediterranean countries.

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Actually the market has already spoken. The fact that a whole castle is selling for the same amount as a mediocre house in Menlo Park tells you all you need to know.


The market is screwed up by French law which restricts the use of these old chateaux

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So I take it you can’t have a Bed and Breakfast in the Chateau? Pity.

Did you look at the pictures? Looks like it’s in good shape in some of the rooms.

I am surprised it’s wired for electricity. Apparently it has indoor plumbing as well.

How about prime French real estate? Like a condo on the Riviera, and then look at the price / sqft

I did not check, but I suspect Palo Alto will look suddenly dirt cheap.

Or compare that castle to an estate in Ohio. You know, those 10k sqft shacks on 5 acres for $250k

Most don’t show the price:

2500 sqft loft style condo (!) for $5.7m

Hm… only $2300/sqft
Cheaper than I thought
Maybe the smaller units sell higher per sqft

On the bright side France gets its electricity primarily from nuke plants with less than 10% coming from renewables so you might be able to heat and cool that castle for less - and the power supply will be more reliable.
Actually that castle may be so big that it doesn’t need heating or cooling; it just assumes the mean temp.

Hadrean’s Wall and the dales? The Lake District? Newcastle and the priory at the mouth of the Tyne?
I liked it.

Dude you live in the middle of nowhere in the desert. You like everything. I lived in England for a year. One day on the beach in St.Tropez with topless French girls serving you champagne and you will say England who? I could have bought a studio condo in Nice in 1990 for $50k, I guess prices have gone up a bit.

These are very old observations. French not feel safer and climate change impacted them much more. This Paris climate accord started. France collect way more taxes for thing what they give you in return. Liverpool feel like SF with that cold breeze and fog.

This current ranking for countries using digital technologies in life. France is way behind UK which is even ahead of US. UK digital exports are half a trillion dollars.

While you “live” with your iPhone, l will be in the Côte d’Azur enjoying the joie d’vivre.

Well…you have a point :slight_smile: