Cha-Ching In San Francisco, Manch!

I suppose many FB workers perhaps already live in SF proper and commute down for work but every little bit helps in keeping SF at the top…

I am a perma bull on Bay Area RE as you may know… Working up my next buy in SF. So please, have a CRASH!!! :smiling_imp:

Don’t tell me, another condo???:slight_smile:

Not ruling anything out. :imp:

I am a South Lake Tahoe bull…Just bought another house with a studio cottage…8.5cap…consistent 10% appreciation, no rentals available, and none can be built thanks to TRPA and an extreme anti growth nimby attitude. …economy booming and min wage set to go up 50%…Jackpot…Booyah

Excellent news!!! Happy Friday, everybody!!!

“the number of people living in San Francisco with a job increased by another 1,400 last month to a record 543,400.”

So this means the number of retired people, children, stay at home moms, unemployed, and homeless are (805,000-543,400) are 261,600. Seems like the number is too small. That means roughly 68% of everyone has a job?

Nobody has childern in SF…not a normal demographic. .full of single workers and retired people. .higher number of workers and retireds with money means high incomes and high rents

One of our Directors was in town this week so we all went out for lunch in the Financial District. Sure, it is Friday so everyone is out, but you can really just see the money flowing in this town. I don’t usually go out for lunch (sweet wifey makes me lunch) but it was really glaring to me this time for some reason. The place we went to was not a name dropper but it was still pricey in my book for lunch and of course my youngster coworkers are gaga over fancy pasta. WTF happened to this town???:slight_smile:

You have people cashing out of pre-IPO stocks for lunch money, obv.