Charlie Munger Interview

Nothing specific on investments, but every interview of Munger is pretty darn interesting. He thinks the tax reform will work to some degree but not sure how much. He also has some interesting things to say about China.


Excellent talk from Mr. Munger.

We need to listen to each and every one of munger’s interview while the man is still with us.

Charlie Munger calls Elon Musk ‘brilliant’ and bitcoin ‘stupid and immoral’

Now are you gonna buy tesla?

Listen to what the man said. He only said Musk is brilliant, but Tesla the business has a chance at great success, or great failure! :scream:

Charles Munger is one of very few “free thinkers”. He shows great intellectual flexibilities even in his 90s.

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I feel sad that we may not have another decade with both bufet and munger. I hope their successors are as good as these two.

Musk is starting to sound more like Trump everyday. Like a drowning man he is flaying at everyone…