Charming and historic Berkeley home

On the market for the first time in more than 100 years, the secluded Ericcson-Bray house at 2708 Virginia Street in Berkeley began as a small brown shingle cottage in 1911. Built by designer-builder Carl Ericsson, it was expanded in 1921 and 1929 by architect John Hudson Thomas.

Man, I should move to Berkeley… :heart_eyes:


Can’t you find similar style houses in SF as well? Maybe minus the view.

Well maintained old houses are rare even in San Francisco. Price could be double or more. Besides I love college towns. Berkeley has more of a college town feel to me than Palo Alto. The easy money from VC’s ruined it…

I was thinking of like St. Francis Wood area for SF. Have to say price is good.

But need private school?

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Yeah schools suck. That’s why I am just daydreaming for now.

Houses on St Francis Woods don’t have the old world charm like this house. And the view is unbeatable. @Elt1 should move back to Berkeley.


Best part of Berkeley is north Berkeley in the hills. 94708. Big houses but small lots. Parking can be an issue anywhere in Berkeley. Be prepared to pay an extra $500k for bay views. Or try Kensington and El Cerrito. Better schools and cheaper.
This one is near where I grew up.

Another modern style house. 1/2 the price same size in Kensington

The one on Virginia is too close to campus. One car garage. No parking
Vertical living. Pending

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I actually like it to be close to campus. Can walk there and just stroll around.

@Boolean mentioned St Francis Woods. Here’s a house that’s double the Berkeley price with no views.

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Looks gorgeous :slight_smile:

Cheap compared to Palo Alto. In Berkeley anywhere near campus is noisy crowded no parking and high crime. My Dad would walk to the campus two miles each day. The 7 bus on Euclid can take you back up the hill. 94708 is a sanctuary. The campus can be chaotic. Berkeley gets fog like the Sunset. You will feel right at home.
266 Santa Paula is a bargain $300k under market … I thought you liked contemporary mid century modern. These old houses have lots of maintenance issues. Plumbing and electrical problems.