Cheap House in Hillsborough

It’s fugly inside, no surprise. Lot is a bit on the small side at 0.37 acres. Put 150K into it and it will shine.

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I am always amazed how many poorly maintained houses there are in Hillsborough. Most buyers are house poor and can’t afford upgrades?. Or they mostly are owned by old people who don’t care about their property.
Shabby looking buildings usually have a ton of hidden deferred maintenance costs.

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This HB house only sold for $850/ft. Bargain basement price. Looks like HB price hasn’t done much in the last 5 years or so. What’s wrong? Doesn’t have the star power of Atherton or Los Altos? Too far from SV?

It doesn’t help the previous owner had very bad taste.

Pending in 6 days.

Sold for $900K above asking. Hard to find good deals in this market.

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It’s a good deal even at 3.5M.

That 150 won’t go far. You will spend 100+ just to do the landscaping and hardscape.