Children living in more costly homes have fewer mental health problems – study

Why you should raise kids in Bay Area.

you will be looking atleast $2M property in sub urban areas of Bayarea comparable to UK homes. San Jose is too dry and dusty and not eve safe.
You failed to realize that Climate changed make Bayarea unattractive. I am not even going into bankrupt politics of state and cities that will increase cost of services.

UK . Rainy miserable weather. Brits vacation in Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean because it has California type weather

That rain is attractive global billionaires and millionaires to UK. despite UK not having any industry only service based economy keep the environment clean.
thousands were Killed in European Heatwaves.
far more part of world is getting drier and hotter than get wettier and cooler.

I lived in London for a year. Smells like diesel smoke

Crowded and rainy. Horrible on hot days. The Brits drink heavily… nothing else to do there. Forget trying to get out of town on the weekends.
Might as live in foggy Daly City

The houses you picked are in Liverpool. Who in hell wants to live in Liverpool?

i mean suburban areas. Outside main city traffic. English and Scottish far better than anything in southern Europe. They have strict environmental laws going forward on ICE engine cars.
London still has greatest concentration of Billionairs. It is a Global city.
I doubt even Trump will like play golf in Southern Europe.

No work in Liverpool. I lived in the London suburb of St Johns Wood. A house like mine would be $4m now.

You have no idea what England is like
London is for the very rich and the poor
A nightmare for the commuting middle class.

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This should not matter whether it is Glassgow, Edinborough, Aberdeen, Wirral, Leeds.
As everyone will be working from home with digital networks. companies will be hiring the best globally.
UK atleast have water resources unlike California.

from Lake Tahoe to SFO is 4 hour drive. No one knows the real time as it will depend on natural or man made disasters on the way. Have you looked at 80s traffic near Oakland that is jammed everytime.
from Manchester International airport everything is in 2 hours drive.or train connection. there is no BS concept of Carpools or bridge/Express way tolls.

I don’t see how a study done in Britain whose school system is very different from ours is necessarily applicable to US kids, let alone the Bay Area. In fact, I’d bet that the quality of life is much better in cheaper parts of the US where there’s less stress and pressure on these kids. Do schools in Kentucky have the suicide rate of Gunn?

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The way I read is rent vs own matters. Spacious place matters. But title of that article is definitely click bait. If it were correct, BA is not a good choice since you can’t easily own a spacious house.

Edit: I am a believer of Children are you get what you invest in (time / love / money).

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I guess we should compare children of the median Bay Area family who own their own house, with children of the median say Kentucky family? Not whether a Bay Area family with typical Bay Area wealth and job opportunity would fare by moving to Kentucky.

Point of the article is really just about wealth inequality and how it affects kids’ mental health. Yes, it’s click baiting. :wink:

The Gunn suicide rate is a valid counter point though. But at least we don’t have the opioid epidemic unlike Kentucky.

A disproportionate number of these rich kids are participating in the riots. Doesn’t seem like a sign of mental health.

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I think it’s a very interesting question, but I wouldn’t conclude that owning a $2M Studio apt in the Bay Area reduces stress, because it’s…well stressful to live in a small space.

I think questions like the following would be interesting:
Rent vs. own of similar space
Own of large space vs. own of small space (sqft per resident)
Own of similar median size spaces in Kentucky vs. Palo Alto.

Bloomberg is saying “rent.”
The elephant in the room - which I think they are ignoring - is massive money printing. Cash is the most dangerous thing one could be holding right now. Hence the soaring prices of homes, equities, gold, etc.

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