China Internet Users Want Privacy Now

Uh, this ain’t the US guys…

Saw this today:

Good job, china.


Why? Sounds very effective.


Given this, the lenders should charge less interest given less likelyhood of defaults, too.

Also, not sure if you are serious or not, but not everyone stop paying their debts out of will. Maybe they are going through rought time, like their partners cancer treatment etc. Lets all shame them right?

I hope that this practice never comes to us in any form. Public foreclosures are kind of bad as they are.

You ever saw shops taping pictures and bounced checks on their counters? That’s public shaming in a small way.

Nope, never seen them. “Shaming in a small way”, not “supported by the justice system and legalized way”. Stop normalizing this. Government taking your rights because of failing to pay a debt is pure stupid. They might as well jail them, and their family since they have bad genes, obviously.

Who said anything about genes?

Go to some of those smaller mom and pop stores, especially in less good neighborhoods. Deadbeats cheat hard earned money from small businesses and we are supposed to worry about their feelings now?

Actually I went to a McDonalds in Central Valley the other day and saw they put up a picture of a woman on the front door, taken from security camera. She stole something from them.

did you see the part about government incentived and legalized public shaming part?

Next step. China is the innovator.

Don’t see the relation. Keep pumping lack of human rights as a reason for innovation.

Well at least their streets are safe and don’t have random dude mow down kids with machine guns.