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Um… youtube???




Who cares. Obama retired at 56. Maybe Ma will do something else


Conspiracy theory on why Jack Ma retired:

跟着我們又說到,近日中國的政治波動,究竟馬雲會不會有問題呢? 我說,別人不敢包,馬雲的本質並非經濟人物,而是政治人物,他是唯一代表中國民間的KOL,去和蓋茨、Joseph Stiglitz之類的政經人物去開博鰲論壇之類的國際會議,是中國的重要外交資產,所以就算他犯了錯,也會盡量保住。 那為什麼他會說去退休、去教書呢?原因很簡單,你看克林頓、蓋茨等等,理論上都是退休人士,沒有政治或經濟上的官方身分,出席那些國際論壇,更加如魚得水。馬雲和他們廝混得多,自然心領神會,知道自己身為阿里巴巴主席的身分,反而阻礙了自己的政治活動,而自己的政治活動能力愈強,也對阿里巴巴的業務更有幫助。所以我說,馬雲真的是聰明絕頂的人物!




Like a fish in water becomes more like a duck?


Tariff war over?





I think you need to work on a new Chinese translation apps :slight_smile: Both Google and Microsoft product are not good at translation. An business opportunity is open !!! Take it. Also, work on a new forum… not much innovation… waiting for you!!!



Continue to recover strongly :rofl:




Get back into TCEHY or forever regret. Gap up with bullish divergence means the gap up is likely a breakaway gap i.e. bull trend resumes, buy back those shares that you’ve sold.


What about yourself?


Already had 1125 shares. No options available so tomato can’t participate :sweat_smile:


Need to see at least the 50 day pointing up. If it’s destined to double what’s the hurry?


What’s your strike price?


i’m enjoying recent sq gains (but still cursing fb losses…)



Recalled you’re a great fan of PDD and NIO. Did you get distracted or quietly rofl.



I read too many negative stories of PDD and exited. Those were written by users not analysts. PDD sells mostly very low quality goods at great discounts to poor people. Not a good business I thought initially.


After PDD the next hot Chinese IPO is QTT. It started trading today. You can come in for a rollercoaster ride. Shot up 80% and already short circuited a couple times. 10c is the 2nd largest holder after founder.