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China is still the smaller of the two. It needs to play its cards carefully. The recent ad it took on Iowa newspapers was a dumb move. Didn’t do much persuading and in turn got labelled as a meddler in US politics.

I think simply following DXP’s tried and true strategy is the best. Lie low and work hard. Don’t attract too much unwanted attention to yourself. Never, ever tell the world you are going to overtake US like Xi did. Super dumb move.



Kind of agree with you. The issue now is how to do damage control. I think Xi miscalculated thinking he is the man, he should just lie low and let his successors have the honor just like DXP.


It does’t feel like it’s conspired to destroy China. It feels more like some desperate journalist trying everything to gain a name in this field.


Isn’t China already the world’s biggest economy? No longer need to play dumb. Can act like an arrogant bitch.


Intended to mean as part of a bigger plan, not narrowly refer to the spy chip incident.


Apple Insiders Say Nobody Internally Knows What’s Going On With Bloomberg’s China Hack Story

Reached by BuzzFeed News multiple Apple sources — three of them very senior executives who work on the security and legal teams — said that they are at a loss as to how to explain the allegations. These people described a massive, granular, and siloed investigation into not just the claims made in the story, but into unrelated incidents that might have inspired them.

“We tried to figure out if there was anything, anything , that transpired that’s even remotely close to this,” a senior Apple security executive told BuzzFeed News. “We found nothing.”


Why would anyone need anything to corner china? I dont think us needs any reason to do it. See… Trading wars.

China has been doing some of the nasty dtuff, so does the usa. It is part of being a government. No government is innocent of any of this.


Americans businesses are pushing back hard against tariffs. This Chinese spy chip story can be used as a reason to say hey it’s national security here. Trump can just do some crazy stuff like ban all chinese students or ban all chip exports to China.

Bloomberg is a reputable org. Their report here may be a bit sloppy but I don’t doubt they have talked to government sources. This smells like a conspiracy to me.


Only USA needs to corner China. No one else needs to. Because top dogs fight. Back in the old days was USA vs. USSR. Now, it is USA vs. China.


Also apparently about 30 companies are affected. Only Apple and amazon are named. Who the heck are the other ones? Did they even know they were “hacked”?


Then china needs to learn its lesson by looking at ussr :slight_smile: usa wins.


All the stocks that tanked recently. Maybe ntnx lol


I think it’s USA that needs to learn a lesson… how to behave like the UK when USA overtook the British Empire and became world leader.




It’s very frustrating to me why Facebook didn’t copy more from Tencent. There are many more ways to make money than ads. How Tencent makes money from users is actually better in the sense it’s engaging with users, with them willingly give Tencent money in exchange for services or digital goods.


Neither ELON, nor TRUMP will change ! :rofl:


Trump: the last emperor of America.


Tencent’s $220 Billion Rout Is Breaking All Kinds of Records


New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom

The discovery shows that China continues to sabotage critical technology components bound for America.


This one has some followups:

This tells me the authors of the Bloomberg reports aren’t really up to strict fact reporting journalisms.