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Don’t spill a little :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: what is the stock you are buying. 10c ?


JD. I feel like it might drop more so I’m buying a little to test the waters (and try out the Robinhood account).



JD going insolvent?
JD Founder Struggles to Calm Investors After Slowdown, Arrest Good to invest in a company led by a possible rapist?


10c pattern is too loose. Need to see it tighten up first.

JD is no good. Rapist is bad news.


Watch Closely as IQ Stock Inches Closer to a Buyer/Seller Showdown
Recent low is almost lower than the IPO price of $18!

More often than not we see bullish or bearish volume at least start to swell a little before a stock breaks free from a trading range. In this case, more and more people are heading to the sidelines, waiting for someone else make the first move. Until more traders start to commit, shares could keep drifting lower at this tepid pace.

That’s the long way of saying keep an eye on the daily volume.

MF is trying to resuscitate IQ. Forget Netflix, iQiyi Is a Better Streaming Video Stock

The sell-off in both stocks has been overdone. Netflix and iQiyi should be market darlings. Their fundamentals remain strong and, unlike most consumer-facing companies, these are all-weather enterprises. If we go into an economic slump, it won’t slow down either of these two dot-com speedsters, as they offer compelling value propositions for folks in recessionary times. We obviously know how well they do when the going is good. Both stocks are bargains at this point, but with iQiyi growing faster, offering heartier guidance, and trading at half of the revenue multiple, it’s hard not to give it the nod. If you like Netflix, you’re going to love iQiyi.

Below is a good summary of the situation for IQ. Good info for bulls or bears.

iQiyi is spending big to add content that can attract paying members to its platform and build a user base that serves as the foundation for future growth. However, the company will have to show that it can get its losses under control and begin steering the business toward profitability. For now, the big losses aren’t necessarily a dire sign, but that type of performance won’t be sustainable and needs to be backed up with new subscriber additions and content wins.

The hope is that China’s large and still-growing population of internet users will allow the company to continue expanding its membership rolls – and that long-term growth for middle-class discretionary spending will enable the company to increase its average revenue per user through pricing hikes and value-added services. Management also sees big growth opportunities as it pursues a Disney -like model that will see increasing contributions from sales channels like merchandise licensing and video games.


Why Bilibili Stock Is Up 30% So Far in 2018

Generation Z, defined by the company as those born between 1990 and 2009, represents Bilibili’s core audience and accounted for 81.7% of its user base last year. The Chinese gaming and video markets look poised for long-term growth, and the company’s core demographic evidences a strong appetite for content, but investors should proceed with the understanding that the company will have to navigate the regulatory climate in addition to fending off competitors.


Is Bilibili’s Stock Finally Ready to Blast Off?

Fierce competition from rival Gen Z platforms, like ByteDance’s TikTok and Xigua, could force Bilibili to keep spending aggressively to keep pace. The company will also likely struggle as a depreciating RMB makes its stock less appealing to U.S. investors.

Not ready for blast off… yet

Due to all those headwinds, Bilibili’s stock doesn’t look cheap at 7 times this year’s sales. Investors looking for more stable long-term plays on China’s gaming or social media markets should stick with established market leaders like Tencent instead.


Alibaba’s Jack Ma is a Communist Party member, China state paper reveal.


Bilibibi??? How come that name sounds so much like a rip-off version of Alibaba… :rofl:


Update to above, TCEHY trading above neckline.


Tempted to add but Friday has a Summit :frowning:


Trump is a shitbag. Watch out. :smiling_imp:


Another potential winner for manch.


Not gonna touch it. Both 10c and BABA have some offerings there. It’s gonna be a bloodbath, unlike in US where Netflix is far and away the clear leader.


BABA, 10c and BIDU are always competing against each other. Hard to find an industry/ sector where they don’t compete.


Then just buy those 3 stocks and be done with China :slight_smile:


Already have them.
100 BIDU, red
192 BABA, green
1300 TCEHY, red
Thinking of unloading BIDU and buy more BABA.


Please. You have so few of BIDU and you want to unload it??? My suggestion would be to increase the quantity of both stocks 10-fold.


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