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Baozun (NASDAQ: BZUN ) isn’t a household name. But in a few years, BZUN stock could enjoy the same status as Alibaba or That’s because as a branded e-commerce solutions provider, Baozun plays a critical role in bridging international businesses.

Almost every major American company wants to do business in China. However, this market presents multiple pitfalls due to cultural, social and structural differences. Practically speaking, Baozun acts as the middleman, setting up operational and administrative platforms. This enables American and western organizations to quickly and effectively engage Chinese consumers.


Did you do a DD on BZUN? Once tariff war ends, this counter is going to go ga-ga.


Nope. China is a bit too risky now except for the biggest caps like 10c and baba. Beijing is confused. 10c still can’t sell new games. Regulatory environment is fucked up.


Beijing has the same problem as Washington. Two camps fighting.


My BABA holding is still up 50% and BIDU is up 75% all time.

Great time to buy… can only go up from here not down.



Sold my tiny position of JD today while it’s still positive for me - will get back in lower later.


You capitulated.


So? Better than being a bagholder.


Bagholding is a wonderful thing. Been holding the fb bag since $38. Can’t say the same about @manch :rofl:


Bagholding can only be applied to selective stocks. If I bagheld Wamu 10 years ago that’d have been a disaster. Glad I sold when green.


How many FB shares do you have?




That’s the number of SQ I have :rofl:

All I can say is that it’s my 3rd biggest holding :slight_smile:


Why suddenly go shy? Don’t you like to run around naked? :smile:



Shame on you. Less than $50k till want to tell us.

About $1M, so about 7500 shares.



Can I run naked too? Who are the spectators? HK women? Where can I do that? HK? Which beaches? Or just run on any roads? There are many nudists’ beaches in Australia. Are they any in SFBA? Where are they?


You are welcome to run around naked in men’s locker room. :smile:


So boring. Have been doing that all the time. Ran around a beach naked once with the Aussies, late at night so nobody except us around.


Why don’t you post your portfolio here. You do that and I’ll tell you how much fb I have. Fair trade :slight_smile:


Nah. I dont like running naked. I thought that’s your thing.