China Strategy in trade war

IMHO, given the draconian demands of the Trump admin, China realizes is not possible to get a fair trade deal. So China is accelerating efforts in other countries to reduce its reliance on the U.S. and strengthening its domestic market. Trump admin and his supporters can paint and believe whatever picture they like, China would respond enough to disincentivize further U.S. tariffs. Finally China realizes is a waste of time talking to Trump admin.

China Prepares for the Worst on Trade War After Trump’s Flip-Flops)

After a weekend of confusing signals, Trump’s credibility has become a key obstacle for China to reach a lasting deal with the U.S., according to Chinese officials familiar with the talks who asked not to be identified. Only a few negotiators in Beijing see a deal as actually possible ahead of the 2020 U.S. election, they said, in part because it’s dangerous for any official to advise President Xi Jinping to sign a deal that Trump may eventually break.

Even worse, his efforts to depict China as caving in negotiations actually confirmed some of their worst fears about Trump: that he can’t be trusted to cut a deal.

Knew long ago since he can arbitrarily tore apart the agreement by his predecessors.

Politically, Xi doesn’t have much wiggle room to indulge Trump. Hardliners have become more emboldened each time Trump has shattered a temporary truce and hit China harder, from raising tariffs to blacklisting leading tech company Huawei Technologies Co.

All other countries such as South Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico signed unfair deals? i.e. only China is special?


Oh yes, very convincing when the government you are defending rips its own predecessor’s doctrine to become emperor.

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Thousand apologies, no ideas of their deals.

Not talking about Xi. Btw, I had mentioned Trump ripping predecessors’ agreement is a bad precedent in this forum many times.

China says it won’t retaliate against newest U.S. tariffs: Morning Brief

Dow futures up over 250 points as China tamps down fears of further trade-war escalation

Finally one side is sane enough not to aggravate the situation.

The irrationality around trade is amazing.

Instead of tariff, remove tariff.