China's Didi Opens AI Lab in Mountain View

Didi has poached Charlie Miller, the famed engineer who hacked and stopped a Jeep remotely, away from none other than Uber’s self-driving department to lead Didi’s security and safety development teams. Miller announced he was leaving Uber last week.

Miller will report to Dr. Fengmin Gong, the co-founder of Palo Alto Networks and now Didi’s vice president of information security.

Didi has also poached engineers away from Google’s self-driving arm. Jia Zhaoyin, last a senior software engineer at Google’s self-driving project Waymo, is now a principal engineer at Didi.

Didi is of course the one who kicked Uber out of China. Another Chinese company, Baidu, also has an AI lab in SV, led by the famous Stanford prof Andrew Ng.

For AI we are the center of the universe. Master of the domain. King of the castle…

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