Chinese Tea Party defeats landlord hating candidate

Unbelievably, the worst landlord hating candidate was defeated in the most liberal city by the Chinese Tea Party! And this biggest landlord hater is an Asian woman. SF tenant population greatly exceed homeowners.

When SF reverses its political wind, California might follow soon. The progressive leader Rose Pak is dead now, SF Asian community seems moving towards moderate now.

"But this attack on Kim goes above and beyond, some insiders told me, and may signify the resurgence of a conservative bloc of Chinatown organizers in the wake of Rose Pak’s death.

Cindy Wu, head of the San Francisco Democratic Party, told me this faction swung into power around regional school choice initiatives, when some in the Chinese community felt they were being wrongly penalized."

"Translated, the ad reads, “Jane Kim cannot represent Chinese community, Goodwin Liu is separating from wife, dating Jane Kim. State Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu’s broken marriage, wife states that Liu is dating Kim.”

The last line is quite the kicker: “All newspapers are reporting: Kim destroys a good family.”

Yikes. And many other similar ads hew to that conservative bent. Another alleges Kim “publicly insulted the first Chinese mayor in SF. It is unacceptable.”

“Mistress Kim, great disrespect,” it reads."

"Josephine Zhao is one of those more conservative power players in Chinatown now, and she rallies Chinese landlords in San Francisco. She’s hosted banquets to fundraise for Wiener’s state senate campaign.

Rumor has it Zhao was behind the Kim attack ad, but she told me via Facebook: “I am not involved in that matter. Haha, I’m too highly regarded.”"

And, a “radical landlord-rights advocate”? Are the tenant rights advocates radical extremists?

“Josephine Zhao is a founder of AsianAmericanVoters,org and Better Housing Policies, according to her Emerge profile. She is one of the more radical landlord-rights advocates in the city, and even showed up to protest when Mayor Ed Lee and state Sen Mark Leno announced a bill to limit Ellis Act evictions.”


Class of 2016
Emerge California
My family and I moved to the City due to my then five-year-old daughter had a major illness and needed constant care at UCSF Children’s Hospital. Since then, I found that the Asian and Chinese immigrants in the City did not have a voice, and they were bullied. I started to volunteer for SPOSF (, and then founded, later co-founded, to educate and advocate for my fellow neighbors, friends and those in need. Now our organization has grown to over 1600 followers and 400 volunteers. I am proud that we are starting to make a difference for the under-served population.

They actually have a pretty good organization for landlords. It never occurred to me that landlords can become a political power.

“Recognizing that the elimination of rent control itself is not going to happen, what one realistic and possibly achievable change to the San Francisco Rent Ordinance would you like to see?”

I wouldn’t call this the Chinese Tea Party. Both Jane Kim and Scott Wiener are democrats. One is the Bernie wing and the other centrist. I voted for Wiener, and I don’t consider myself Tea Party.

The Chinese landlords have been organizing on WeChat big time. If you read Chinese join up.

Lil Kim is making a run for Da Mayor’s job in SF next time around… we know what to do, right, SF voters???

What’s happening to Ed Lee?

Well, since Hillary didn’t win (recount over yet?) I guess Da Mayor ain’t going to Washington…

Ed was the man until he betrayed us landlords…

We landlords are red meat to the hungry renter wolves anyway. Our days are numbered. Enjoy while it lasts. :wink:

The Donald will rescue us… (OMG, did I say that?)

Don’t count on it. I just hope he didn’t screw me too much… :crying_cat_face:

Dark age, here we come…

Come on, his background is in business and he owns a lot of real estate. He is NOT going to screw himself or his kind, especially with both houses in control. If it were Jane Kim, for sure worry, The Donald, I say not so much…

Landlords need Donald Trump as SF mayor. Can you guys make a petition to ask him to run for SF mayor in 2024?

This Jane Kim is a landlord hating monster. Whenever I hear her name, an ugly monster starts to emerge in my eyes. Better to deport Jane Kim to the Moon or the Mars.

With the democratic “Chinese Tea Party” as a 30% swing voting bloc, Kim would be insane to even consider running for any SF political post. She is really evil and also dumb, she thought that she would get elected by eating landlords live. Well, it does not work any more.

Stupid Kim thought if she could eat landlords to please Mission district, she would win the election. What a stupid strategy.

If you think Trump is bad, Kim is million times worse. I’ll make large donations to defeat her anytime she runs for anything.

No president can save SF. Only a SF mayor and BOD can save SF. Problem is in local regulation, Trump has no reach into SF regulations. But Trump’s win can give a huge boost to moderate Democrats.

For the SF Mayor and BOS, all I ever asked for was a reasonable, intelligent leader and a panel of folks who would look out for the rightful citizens of the city first. That pretty much went down the toilet when we decided to honor a criminal by naming a day after him and then the whole Kate Steinle incident. These examples do not make the Fab 7x7 that fab (I would agree)…