Chris Lattner Left Apple to Join Tesla

Lattner is one of the most prestigious and well known compiler developers. He’s also the founder of Swift, Apple’s new language to replace Objective C. It’s a very big loss for Apple.

Now I need to think about buying Tesla stocks. Apple seems to be losing its mojo.

Wow thats interesting . Agreed its a big loss for Apple. I have soft corner for Apple so I’am a bit sad .
But glad he is going to Tesla , we need a strong Tesla to save the climate :slight_smile:

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Cant apple just pay him 10, 20 or even 50m to keep him? You don’t want to lose people like him.

Retaining after tending resignation is a bad practice. I would fire him after it is deemed we can do without him. So better let him leave and live with it. In the future if he wants to come back, there won’t be bad feelings. Compensation for him then would be based on need of the company.

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These guys are getting bored after 11 years on the job. Needing a challenge.

never heard of him…shame on me I guess.

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Jesus do we really need a new programming language. Serious question, and possibly one Apple is asking. Maybe there is a real need for a new language specialized for driving automation whereas most of Apple’s products do not have anything existing languages can’t handle.

edit: OK, I didn’t realize Objective C is over 30 years old. I thought it came out with OSX

Kids these days can’t deal with pointers. We have to water stuff down for them.

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Absolute, immediate data, register direct, register indirect, register indirect with index register, absolute address with index register, memory indirect, and program counter relative.