Cities with happiest workers


The bay area is well represented with Santa Clara, San Jose, and Mountain View on the list.


So Detroit’s up there too, impressive… maybe it’s not the piece of trash place we may have thought it was :smile:


Or you can interpret it this way: whoever still has a job in Detroit feels so blessed and happy.

As this joke would say:

Three men, an American, a Frenchman and a (Soviet) Russian are having a chat about real happiness.

The American says, “I will tell you what real happiness is. It is a loving wife, well behaved kids and a steady job with good pay so I can afford a nice house, a big car and a big television to watch football. That is all I need to get real happiness.”

The Frenchman scoffs, “That is so boring and bourgeouis. Real happiness is having a lot of friends to drink fine wine with, and having lot of time to enjoy your life of leisure.”

The Russian takes a long swig of vodka, blinks and says, “My friends, you really don’t know. Real happiness is waking up to find the KGB knocks on your door at 2AM.”

The American and the Frenchman are surprised. “What the heck do you mean? KGB at your door at 2 in the morning?”

“Yes,” says the Russian, “you open the door and the KGB says ‘Vassili Alexandryev, you need to come with us right now.’ and you say, ‘sorry gentlemen, Vassili Alexandryev lives in the next-door flat.’ That is when you have true happiness.”


To me, true happiness is owning a lot of rentals and flipping a lot of houses all over the Bay Area. And if my stock portfolio can increase by a lot as well that would double my happiness. I’m such a simple guy and enjoy such simple pleasures… :rofl:


That’s pretty happy. I’m wondering how to get mortgages to expand the rental portfolios once you leave the w2 jobs.

Not working a job and work for youself can provide additional happiness. What percentage of people here no longer work a job? We need a new poll :joy:


2 words: asset depletion :wink:


That has a ceiling. Once margin is maxed, portfolio is also maxed out.


That’s where the flipping comes into play… it can reduce your debt.


Flipping involves more risk and it’s not an investment activity. I would buy and hold rentals if I can get loans. Flipping is more a replacement of the old w2 job with potentially higher income, but RSU or option could be more lucrative.


??? So you don’t want a job, you don’t want to flip, you just want to keep buying rentals with an infinite source of money… ok I’m glad you have found your sugar mama… :rofl:


If you own enough profitable rentals, why can’t you use the positive rental income to get a mortgage? You don’t have to find a sugar mom since it might be more difficult than getting a positive rental income.

Another possibility is to get into commercial loans instead of residential. That way, your income is irrelevant.

The biggest risk in flipping is the workers comp claims when you don’t have workers comp insurance. One accident can delete all your asset


Really? So how much rent have you raked in last year? Was it enough to buy a condo in Antioch? :rofl:

Also, the biggest risk in living in the Bay Area is earthquake. One big one can wipe out your life… :rofl:


Fannie/freddie limits how many mortgages a person can have. After that, you’re going to start paying higher interest rates.