City of San Jose Approves Just Cause Eviction


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I am sorry to say it but tenants do need some protections and many landlords are at fault. Back in the 80s I moved into apartment on a months to month basis. As soon as I moved in the manager told me they were raising the rent the next month. They already knew that before I moved in but were dishonest enough not to tell me, knowing that I would not want to disrupt my life again with another move again so soon.

There are enough horror stories about landlords in San Jose that something had to be done. I know most of you think it is your property and you can do what you wish with it, but you should be treating renters fairly.

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Hold on, I would like to think most landlords do do the right thing. I certainly would never ever do as you described with that month to month tenant example. In fact, many of us have mentioned how typically we do not even charge full market rent. I have many tenants whom are long term. Many have said that I am more than fair. You have to remember that many landlords are really mom and pop operations. It does not make sense for us to churn and burn tenants and have to deal with the turnover expenses or down time. Remember, I am the landlord who typically gives Christmas gifts to all of my tenants. I don’t honestly ask for every rent increase that I am entitled to because at the end of the day that is nickel and diming my tenants and I prefer not to do that. At then end of the day, most of us treat our tenants fairly and we expect the same from our tenants. Nothing more, nothing less. Let’s not even mention how archaic or unfair some rent control laws are against us owners.