Cleaning Skylights

I have some sort of clear acrylic. The tag one identifies it as CC-2 plastic. So at this point there’s some stubborn algae and a translucent film of what could be tree sap mist. Any ideas on how to clean this material without scuffing or crazing? I know ammonia products aren’t always friendly to plastics and alcohol is huge no-no. I would guess bleach products are a bad idea. Anything safe other than soap, cotton cloths and as much elbow grease as can be applied without going through the things? At their best I could see Jupiter’s moons through them with binoculars.

Try vinegar. Research the subject on You Tube or Google it.

I used to apply this to remove adhesive on plastic bottles. This will not harm plastic, but removes adhesive.

You can pour it first, then rub or clean with cloth. This removes all sticky contents easily.

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I found a label on one of the them - J.C. Barry Skylights in Campbell. Mike over there just gave me a 20 minute lecture on the things - really nice guy; I’ll definitely recommend and use the business. Bottom line - ignore what you read on the internet. Mild soap, warm water, and COTTON cleaning cloths only. For a sap glob WD-40 applied carefully and cleaned off quickly is safe. So - no magic bullet. Time, patience, elbow grease. Mike also gave me some good hints on sealing the gap between the curb and skylight which is often left by installers.
Oh and even if cleaning with cloth baby diapers (which Mike recommended) never scrub a skylight to dryness. The cloth should still be damp and the skylight left to air dry. If you do all this expect them to remain clear for 20-30 years.

Just say no to skylights…Especially under redwoods. .Those trees rain a red sap thatlooks like blood, impossible to get rid of…

That red junk, which I also have to deal with on my car, is actually water soluble. It takes a while but two or three consecutive days of moisture (rain or fog) will dissolve it. I have none of it right now. But trying to scrub it off is, as you say, impossible. In a setting like mine the skylights are a major value enhancer. The modern ones can take a very heavy blow from a limb. They are duel pane to limit heat loss. You need just the right exposure, which I happen to have. By allowing infrared to pas through without it being absorbed or reflected they let in heat during the winter - but not so much that I have to cool the place in the summer.

Try this goo gone or similar one from homedepot, it will be gone !