Clocktower Penthouse, Yours for 6M

Big, final price reduction! Serious, reasonable seller. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and work within San Francisco’s most iconic, historic property. Perched high above South Beach, San Francisco’s epicenter of technology, the Clocktower Penthouse is on the open market for the first time since being offered to the public nearly 25 years ago. This amazing penthouse includes use of the top three adjoining tower levels, including the interior of the famous and iconic Clock Room’'. The property spans 3,000 square feet of internal space and offers panoramic views in all directions and offers an enormous 1,300+ sf wrap around view deck. The ultimate San Francisco trophy property! An incredible entertaining home plus office spaces.

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Wow, stunning. Wonder if the clock is noisy. Looks to be only a 1 bedroom? Bad luck for Chinese buyers?

There is another structure next to the tower. The tower is just for fun. :slight_smile:

Imagine bringing dates home to the clock tower…

I have to rollback my life to 1993 so that I can buy at 710k price !

The year over year appreciation work out to 9.486% !!

Nice and noisy (highway) tower !!!

We can, at least, take kids to open house for a kind of thrilling visit to clock tower…


Looking at the desc, does “having use” of the space mean you don’t own it? “Reasonable seller” is funny.

I too would like to see what it was like at the $710k price. Perhaps @gftpa can take us there in his Delorean :wink:

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My father was the most famous telegraphist in town. He would be the guy who’d introduce any girl to the guy who asked him for you know, a little push.
We moved then to my last town of residency, I grew up there from 1966 to 2009 when I came to the US.

But, the first house we were living in was all paid for the government and it had a beautiful and charming feature…the clocktower in town. Imagine you leaving your house, and as soon as you step out, you could see this tower, and above your head, these 2 heavy pendulums and the familiar sound of the trac, trac, trac.
Every hour, it would chime big time, and that event was a headache for us the first 6 months or so, then we gradually got used to it.

I promise you I will bring old photos of that tower.


Post some pics @buyinghouse.


As long as there’s no bell…

Says 3/2/3000 sq ft.

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I am trying to contact my FB friends. A month ago I had the chance to participate in a topic and it had a picture of that tower. I will find it.

The place looks like the lair of a villian in a trite super hero movie…Gives me the creeps…


Here, this is the most recent picture. I am looking for an older one. I lived there for about 6 years until dad bought our home. Unfortunately, it is blurry, but you can see a guy in white shirt kind of covering the famous front door where I used to live.

On your left, you see one of those rolling up doors, there we had the municipal police station. In front of it, I saw the municipal garbage truck carrying 3 decapitated bodies, which signaled the escalation of the cold war with its 200,000+ people killed or disappeared, killings supported by the United States.


Here, another view. Front and the top part of that tower. You will see a Jaguar, symbol of my then home city called Santa Lucia Coztumalguapa aka Santa Lucia Cotz.

Some other point of view of the tower.

Across the street, the Catholic church.


The jaguar looks like a chipmunk


Watch this video starting at 2:35 to 2:41. You will see my dad walking down the street. Black pants, blue shirt, with a cap on his head. I was laughing when I discovered that. He was 70 years old at that time.

It’s depressing to see how a city hasn’t gentrified,