Cobo, not Hobo

The lines get more blurred between home and work as we make our way back to the communes of the flower children!

For those homeowners who would like some regular income but don’t want people staying overnight, they may want to consider having visitors over for work only.

A combination of AirBnB and WeWork!

In the Bay Area currently, but hopefully expanding before long

Why host on Cobo?

No matter what kind of home office or dining room you have to share, Cobo makes it simple and secure to host local professionals during the day. No overnight stay, minimum cleaning and local members only. You’re in full control of your availability, space and house rules.

Cobo protects hosts

To keep you, your home, and your belongings safe, we cover every booking with $1M USD in insurance against accidents. We also background check all our members and share their LinkedIn profile with you.

Interesting. I wonder why people would rent office space in someone else’s home vs using their own home.


Yeah… But it’s a great way to check out someone else’s wife.

Probably and April Fool’s joke that wasn’t funny enough.

Ok. In all honesty, if you have kids, you have to get out the door. No way to work with them around.

My buddy had an apartment share in SF years ago. The master tenant had the place during work days. My friend had it nights and weekends. Perfect arrangement for both