College-entrance Bribery Scheme. The Failed American Education System

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Why can’t they create a system where it doesn’t need bribery for rich kids to enter college. Have each college create a certain threshold cost. Say, anyone can be accepted into Harvard if the parents are willing to pay a $5 million tuition for their kid.

so basically make education cost 5M$. damn.
my kids will learn a trade i guess.

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Harvard is exactly like that, but it needs to put on a show of meritocracy. In that way it maintains its reputation and can actually charge a higher price.

It’s like you can sleep with some actresses if you pay them lots of money, but publicly they are still professional actresses and not prostitutes. That way men are willing to pay more.

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sounds like you know your way with actresses.

dude time to change your avatar.

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Ok well then the other colleges better follow Harvard’s lead. That’s the only way to end this bribery and corruption.

You need a connection in addition to $5M. If you don’t have an organic connection, you need to bribe. These rich people who are caught apparently lacks a connection, or can’t afford 5M.

Some of these people are not rich at all. They just spend 10k to get a good SAT score for the kid.

The system I suggested is purely financial and not connection based. So in fact it kills 2 birds (bribery and corruption) with one stone.

They want to hide the buy your admission scheme, because they want to maintain their image of good and elite. Also some government officers has no money but they have other resources

That would be stupid. There should be no shame in being an elitist and accept people who have money. So there should not be a need to hide.

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Saying the obvious. Catch the small fries and make a scene. The hidden message is pay up.

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Many Asian kids tried so hard to boost their score from 1550 to 1600 while keeping their GPA on 6AP classes all A, serving community, and preparing crazy competitions only to improve their chance from 1% to 3%.
This scandal is disgusting.
I am totally fine with legal admission through donation since that will benefit large number of students and also % of admission through donation is limited and hence very expensive.
I once heard that many kids from very wealthy neighborhood were diagnosed as dyslexia suddenly at high school and arranged the separate test from other kids. Her complaint was about unlimited test time but now I suspect that Singer’s trick on learning disability was really dyslexia. What a coincidence.


So, if you are pro parents giving away money so their kids get in, then we are normalizing bribery.

Now, since we are living in the Silicon Valley, imagine yourself graduating from a not so good but OK college or university, you go to an interview, you are very smart, you are qualified to take any job you apply for. But, there comes little Trumper, so stupid, dumb, but it has the “merits” of graduating from Harvard. A good job is taken away from you because daddy paid or gave a donation to that university.

Even though they do accept donations, what good is to have grad people being so dumb when it comes to do their job?

This college fraud and the way this country is redistributing wealth from the bottom to the top is going to destroy America.

I don’t think that this lawsuit has anything to do with the donation for admission “scheme” which is perfectly legal. If you donate $5M for your child to get in, that’s the college’s choice. It’s well-known that legacy admits are done to keep the school afloat financially. And I’ve also been told that if you’re a legacy and can’t pay full-price, the school doesn’t want your progeny. If you didn’t succeed with an Ivy education, why expect your kid will do any better?

Cheating on the SATs/ACTs and then bribing coaches though, is not the same. I’m sure the bribing coaches part would piss off the schools (and only $40K? Come now, admissions should be worth waaaaaay more than that).


It’s not bribery. It’s business. A college education costs more than the sticker price. Someone has to pay the difference. The only case this wouldn’t be ok is in a public University

Are you going to complain about business class airline seats? Airlines can only make money by having a tiered pricing scheme. Colleges appear to be the same way.

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What’s the range the alumni needs to pay to have their kids accepted? Someone mentions 50k which seems to be not that much

Seems too low to me too.

Had this conversation with someone knowledgeable today. Depends on how much help the kids need. For Kushner it was $2.5M in 1998. Today, for a similar student it probably takes $10M.

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