Come on, 10 Types Of RE Agents?

And they all want 6%…:grinning:

Care to comment, @SamShuehRealtor???

As an ex, I can tell you, 10 types is not enough.

I go to open houses to talk to realtors about something in my line of business. Last week, I see on the corner street the respective sign. I follow the signs, one here, the other over, there to finally stop at the house in question. I see a car on the driveway, no parking anywhere but blocking the driveway.

As shy as I am, I block the driveway and grab a flyer. I can hear the realtor inside the house, the sign was for a woman but the flyer had a male name, so I pretended to read the flyer when he walked out. I said hello Walter, how are you doing? And he is still with the phone on his ear. He responds the salute and then he tells me “hey, I am leaving, you’re blocking me”. To which I replied I know, I am just visiting you to offer you this and I handed my flyer.

Right then and there, he could have understood this home wouldn’t sell that easy if being Saturday there were no car parking spaces anywhere. It was close to noon, so no excuses.

Now, my dear realtor, the one who got us our house? He calls me a year later with “are you selling your home”?. A crappy “how are you” salute. :rofl:

I thought this was a binary joke.