Come On, Bitcoin Yes, Cash No?

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Jan 1st 2018 just around the corner and this is the perfect property for large scale cultivation. Plenty of land for outdoor greenhouse growing and a permitted nearly 5,000 s/f hanger with 400 AMP breaker and solar panels already installed and paid for. All electrical work, with sub-panels, A/Cs, lights, etc. … all done ready to go. Another opportunity for this secluded and private place is Bitcoin Mining. With a large hanger, solar panels and 400 AMP breaker a lot of bitcoin miners can be placed there. All doors and windows of the house are new double pane doors and windows. Nice patio to enjoy the views during the day and the sunset and the stars at the night. Heavy duty cement driveway leading up to the very private house. Guest house with a newly remodeled bedroom and a bathroom. An adjacent parcel of additional 2.5 Acres may be included with the purchase for additional consideration. Price and terms of the adjacent parcel to be negotiated concurrently with the purchase of this listing.

Yes, but I am assuming if someone offered CASH on that SF property they would take it right???

If bitcoin keeps going up, will they value USD? If you were in such situation what will you prefer? I prefer Cash over BTC, but that is me !

I am old school, so the whole bitcoin thingy is fishy to me. Where are the controls and regulation? I just find it weird that the Miami listing would not even accept cash. Who does that???

Just because people are buying speculatively, FED or USG will not control or regulate. You heard Yellen yesterday, they control the banks/institutions.

It is totally buyer’s Risk, when they lose, it is their headache.

It is almost like buying a South Africa gold mine without even knowing whether gold is there or sand is there !!

Agreed, which is why I am staying away from this or the discussions. I just happen to see that listing where I thought the seller went off on the deep end by not accepting cash and only bitcoins. The only fear I have is that should the bitcoin market go the way of the Beanie Baby market, I hope we in the non Bitcoin world don’t catch the cold…

Caution is always out the door when speculation is rampant. As long as the party keeps going… but unfortunately we all know it will end soon.

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Wait a minute. We don’t know that. :smile:

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Come on!!!

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