Come On, Bring Those Families Back!


It’s all relative right? I mean, 18% of the total households is not saying much…


More on this Fab 7x7 story…


Maybe we should tax childless people in SF? :wink:


Uh, I pay way, way more taxes than what 2 adults utilize…

Oh, and its Chinese New Year’s soon…guess who gets the ultra short-end when it comes to red envelopes time???


We already sorta do. Since you pay the same property tax whether or not you have kids in school.


Well but because of prop 13 too many are paying pennies on their real estate dollars.


SF can get rid of rent control for any household with no kids under 18. I think it would be the most effective way to encourage singles and no-kid couples to move out of the fab 7x7

Another easy policy to require all the BMR housing to be for families only. Once there’s no sub-18 resident, the BMR residents would have to move out.


Uh,no…I am paying a hefty amount for property tax and no kiddies…Yes, when I take care of my Mom’s apt building prop tax, her ANNUAL amount is approx 30% of just ONE of my semi-annual amounts I owe for my primary home



SF is turning into centrally planned economy. A few lucky and dumb supervisors will tell us how many kids should be here, how many men should be her, how many women should be here, how many have homeless should be here, how many dogs should
be here, so and so


The world is moving into centrally planned economy. Remember I posted something of the effect not long ago?


How come I see kids everywhere in SF? Must be going to dull parts of the city.


Well, you do reside in the Sunset, which is probably one of the last bastions in the Fab 7x7 for kids. Enjoy it! That is why the Sunset rocks the overbids!!!