Come On, Bring Those Families Back!

Come on, let’s raise that pathetic 18% people!!!

Is that surprising? The schools suck.

No, they don’t.

Dragon boy, time to do your civic duty and make us some little dragons.

Well, debatable. If you look at some of these posters in the SocketSite article some actually folks with kids in SF schools are saying they are fine. Sure, small sample.

From my perspective as an SF native and whose nephews and nieces were raised in the burbs, I don’t honestly believe the schools here are that bad. Come on, Lowell High School is pretty darn good. And again, I have friends whose kids went to public school here, then to Cal and ended up in grad or medical schools.

Have you been talking to my dear old Mom again???

Don’t make me go all Chinese on you. Consider yourself warned!

People who have kids in SF don’t think the schools are all that bad. But people who don’t are all upset about the schools here. There is a big gulf between perception and reality.

Again, we are TOO OLD (literally) to have kids now. Yes, if you ever manage to see my wife she looks literally 20 years younger but she ain’t. People are shocked when she tells them she is over 50. I on the hand, look the part… (I am sure people are thinking, ahhh, sugar daddy and his young girlfriend…)

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If SF houses were good for families many years ago, these same houses should be God for families today.

Families avoid SF not because of houses, but because of so many stupid supervisors. Stupid supervisors have driven families out of the city.

How exactly?

Worth mentioning is that in the past, the SF school selection process was pathetic. I have heard it is much better now, where you have a better chance of getting the school you want (probably the one closest to your home).

Officially the tie-breakers still don’t consider locations of houses. But maybe it’s because they just fit people into neighborhood schools from the get-go? I don’t know. Yes, I remember reading about the Sunset Chinese parents getting all worked up because their kids were bussed all around town. I think many Chinese got their start in politics from that episode.

Any uncertainty in school selection is a major turn off to parents.

To make lil’ dragons, he’ll have to wait another 7 yrs!

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All I know is, if I get my cute little dog that I want, it is going to have an absolutely fabulous life (even if we are both gone)…:slight_smile:

You can adopt or just snatch a baby from the local villagers while you rain fire on their thatch-roof cottages.

For a sec and only a sec, we considered adoption. My lil sis adopted a child from China. While she is fine, now, my sis spent a pretty penny in getting her, how should I say it, up to speed. It helps to have a husband who is a surgeon. We’ve worked too hard to get to this point and quite frankly we are not prepared to deal with a child with health and other issues. Not at this age, anyway…

All right, more important things than expensive chinese food…

So Sea Cliff has lots of kids? If I were a kid I’d love to roam around in $10M houses too…