Commercial Real Estate

I’m interested in investing in commercial real estate. I’ve been browsing loopnet to learn more.

Anyone recommend a good primer on getting started learning about cap rate, etc.?

The classes that real estate agents have to take upon license renewal are pretty good. Some of them are about CRE. I am not sure right now how this great material is accessible by unlicensed ppl.

FirstTuesday may have it.

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I invest through LLCs. I buy into a piece of larger developments.
I get diversity and no management headache. They get their fees and 20% of the profits. REITs are the other alternative. Multi family development is my preferred type of investment. The safest commercial investment. I have tried self storage, hospitality, office, and retail shopping centers. PM for more details. I invest primarily in development involving new construction … building new buildings and then selling… gives the highest IRR and biggest risk. Although buying existing buildings usually means spending lots of renovation dollars. The highest returns can be in self storage. Hard to find good deals in primary markets.

I don’t think small retail investors can play in the fulfillment center space, but it’s interesting to see where Amazon is gobbling up space.

The video in the link above has much more information. Number spot in the nation where Amazon has been aggressively buying land is East Bay.

AMZN is into renting? We must make sure commercial real estate pay market rate :slight_smile: rent.