Common Real Estate Scams

How about those pesky SOBs renting a room or a house on a for sale property? :laughing:

11 years ago I saw a Craiglist ad. Beautiful house, yada, yada, yada. I went to see it, empty, nobody around.

I contacted the “owner” and he told me the reason it was so cheap because he liked to travel but he would be willing to negotiate for lower rent if I gave his chauffer (big red flag right there) the security deposit money order, no check. :laughing:

The house was going to be toured by realtors next week to be for sale the following week after. :laughing:

That falls under #4 Rental Scams…

Yeah, my niece’s BF at the time was contemplating moving up here. Good thing he asked me first but he was about to send a deposit to someone over the internet. Stupid…


It’s not stupidity. It is the sense that you won the lottery. :wink:

These pathetic greenhorns out of the suburbs…

OMG, what is that, a needle and human waste?
Yeah, and? That is city living at its finest. You have to pay double for that…
Really, you do?
Yes, dumba**, pay me…double

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Loan flipping is when a predatory lender persuades a homeowner to refinance their mortgage repeatedly, often borrowing more money each time

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Not a real estate scam but these guys are starting again.

I see it in listings.
“Buyer to verify…” = some or all of what we just told you in this listing isn’t really true.
I’ve seen a number of properties advertised as buildable when they weren’t. They claim power is close by but when you check with the power company you find out that they have no easements to reach the listed property.

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