Commuting by Electric Bike

The thread about Milpitas BART station got me thinking. For people commuting for work in SF, how about buying a condo or a house within biking distance to BART station, and get there via electric bike? Something like this one:

Top speed is 20 mph and one charge is good for 38 miles, plenty enough for commuting to and from train or BART stations. You can also fold it up too.

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Can it climb hills? I live at the top of a steep hill but next to caltrain and seriously considering this option. Getting home is a workout I don’t need gym membership.

Looks like it can handle some hill but not steep hill:

The Commuter bike can handle hills with an incline of up to 15Âş; with no problem allowing your range of traveling to be broader than ever before.

I used to bike to Fremont Bart station, and leave the bike there (you can rent the cage that you can lock and leave other belongings like jacket and so on - cost you $0.03/hr ). And walked to work in SF side. It is nice that I don’t have to worry about car parking at Bart station and no need to worry about carrying bike on the train. People were using Lyft or Uber in the City for their last mile commute,

I have seen people doing with Electric Scooter more successful than carrying the bike, much more compact.

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Electric scooters sound cool. But for “older” folks aka people over 40 does it look goofy? :smile:

Speaking of electric bikes… GenZe in Fremont baby!!!

Tesla should build bikes. Go tell Elon.

I would seriously consider the solar tiles and battery storage setup from Tesla if it really is all that it is supposed to be. Even in the Sunset, my huge roof should pull in enough energy to store and perhaps power up everything under that said roof including say a sweet battery car. The chance to give the oil companies and partly PG&E the finger is soooo enticing…

I have to agree with Manch, that I always felt a little awkward commuting to work on a electric scooter. But if you opt for a proper electric Bike/Moped It’s no problem. The only downside is that some of these larger scooter / moped models don’t fit all that well on the bus / bart.

While electric bikes and scooters may be more practical, I’ve actually really enjoyed my Gen2 Boosted board much more lately for commuting.


My cousin’s kid zips around the Fab 7x7 using the electric scooter app Scoot. I guess it is kinda like the bicycle rentals you seen in certain areas but better. If you ever need a ride, you just look on your cellphone app for the nearest parked scooter that is available. You just go and unlock it via app and use it. Cool thing is you just park it anywhere legal at your end of your ride and that’s it. No need to find an actual designated scooter parking spot.

Now that we are seeing some rain in the Bay, are you guys still biking to work? Even in a supposedly bike-friendly city like SF, it still feels pretty dangerous riding a bike.

Well, these look good though. Among electric scooters, hoverboards, and some smiliar stuff, what should you recommend for transportation? What about hoverboards now?

Source: How much does a hoverboard cost

…selling to the next investor? Not every stocks are buy n hold. Some are jumped in early and wait for the right next investor.

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That’s true. It’s trending up right now. Seeing a lot of people down here zipping around on ebikes now. It’s vogue. I use one to get to work sometimes. Mine hits 30mph, faster than cars on surface streets.