Company is likely to be acquired

I guess this is one good thing about anonymity. I can’t really post about this on Facebook or LinkedIn. We filed an amended 8-K creating a golden parachute for “change in control” for some of the top execs. There was some huge call option buying yesterday with a July, 15th expiration. There was more today at a break even of up 9% by July, 15th. There’s no earnings announcement or other items scheduled that would move the stock.

I haven’t been through being acquired. What’s it like?

rough, im going through these meetings as we speak. They will keep you if needed, there is always ego’s involved. I am pretty sure i will survive this but Have to re-establish and sell myself in the org.

There could be opportunities as well, you just have to be aggresiive.

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I’m sure a lot will depend on the strengths of the acquiring company. If they are strong in a functional area, then that area will probably have significant cuts. They’ll want their own people to take it over. Our department is a strength, so I don’t think we’ll be impacted too much. Our C-level exec wasn’t named in the 8-K which makes me think he’s being retained. He’s gone from an org of <40 to 800+ in <2 years here. They keep moving teams under him. I was his third hire. We delivered the initial performance that built his credibility which resulted in his role expanding and promotion to C-level.

Uncertainty isn’t great though.

Did you also get benefited from this or just him?

All I needed is tip/hint, what is the net worth of the company :laughing:

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I have a lot more responsibility vs what I was hired to do. I received a nice raise and RSU grant at the last annual review even though I was hired after the eligibility date. This year we pushed the review cycle back by 6 months to save money. It used to be July, 1st, so now it’s January, 1st.

We’re pretty small. The acquisition would probably be under $5B.

good deal!

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