Compass Real Estate

Have you heard of any rumors about Compass? Quite a few agents suddenly switched to Compass, the speed is astonishing.

What’s going on with Compass? Are they going to destroy Redfin?

They just acquired APR (Alain Pinel).


Do people really care about real estate brands?

I heard this from realtors. Brand Name is important for realtors, they get wide internal network access/help…etc

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Bunch of BS. No bigger fool than a salesman. They swallow that international brand crap. How many buy internationally? As far as internal info. The heavy hitters don’t share.

Old Compass thread

It’s funny since everyone I know uses redfin’s website to view listings. Almost no one uses them for the actual transactions though. Their market share is terrible.

I’m sure realtors want the network thinking a big RE office will have clients walking in the door that need help from an agent. They won’t have to do as much prospecting to get listings and buyers.

Austinites don’t use Redfin :grinning:

Yes a lot of realtors joined compass ?

How are they different from other brokerages ?

You a rain cloud now??

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Compass is playing with softbank’s Monopoly money.

I don’t get what they do or how they are different. They claim to be a transaction platform that takes a percentage fee. They aren’t replacing title companies, mortgage brokers, etc. I don’t see how it’s a tech company. They’re literally just buying real estate brokerages.

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One agent told me Compass gives out base salaries in lieu of big commission per sale. I don’t know how they calculate the ongoing salaries (given that one can have a bad year after a good year), or if this is not something unique in Compass.

But yes, 4 agents I know in SF all went to Compass, after their stint at places like Climb, Coldwell, etc. Something must be up.

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May be get a salary and no need to pay fees. AFAIK, need to pay Coldwell to be a Coldwell realtor. So for a not hotshot realtor, probably wiser to get a salary :slight_smile:

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I’m also thinking so because there are so many brand available here in the real estate field and people always eager to with popular brand.