Confessions Of An Open House Addict

Uh, is this where I stand up and go, “Hi everyone. My name is sfdragonboy and I am an open house addict.” (Hi, sfdragonboy!!!)

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I think there’s a great message here and a missed opportunity:

“Professionals who stage homes go to great lengths to create that aura of aspiration. Brokers and stagers will tell you that a professionally staged home sells faster and for more money. “We want people to walk in and say, ‘Oh my God this is so beautiful, I want this! And I can have this!’”

I’ve definitely walked into homes and said "You know, my house could look gorgeous like this if I just had this furniture…and no kids…

RE agents should find a way to let the buyers buy the staged furniture and have it left in the house.

Actually, one home that we really liked that was staged actually had furniture that one could have had thrown in into the deal. The agent’s sibling was a designer or somehow related so yeah double action…

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Looking online is much easier and you don’t have to talk to pushy realtors…A tip …tell them you are already working with an agent, they will leave you alone

that’s what I do if I don’t want to talk to an agent :wink:

The smart stagers do this. I can’t recall the names but I came across at least 2 stagers who would leave a placard at coffee table and dining table that essentially said you can buy all the interior decoration and furniture by contacting us. That’s smart business tactic.

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Stager furniture is cheap crap
…Looks good but uncomfortable undersized and a lot is fake…like the beds, tvs


Staged furniture is not good. They purposely use smaller furniture to make the rooms look bigger.

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Oh perfect…makes us short guys feel like NBA centers… where to buy???:grinning:

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I went to paint the baseboards for a house for sale next day, it was done overnight. The realtor showed me some secrets the stagers use to cover defects and spots or situations that if you knew would give you the goosebumps.

Well, I sold a table made in France that made it to the US. I don’t remember the guy’s name, famous furniture maker, it had a metal seal underneath. The stager couldn’t congratulate more than what she paid for it, $1500, a $35 find on a garage sale.

No, stagers value time and can’t replace their beloved furniture some times, and what you can buy is a cheap imitation of anything. Those who do, have unlimited supply. Good idea anyway.

But I agree, it would be convenient to move in without carrying a load of old and beat up furniture.

Which reminds me that being cocky, I promised my wife that she should forget about buying new furniture, let me go to garage sales honey I said, I will find brand new furniture for you. I based my promised on past experience, I’d find brand new furniture on garage sales.

A month went by, no luck. We went and bought new furniture, crappy Chinese made. A week later, I found several garage sales with new furniture, better than what we bought. That’s a big LOL…

Stagers(?) use cheap/small furniture and a lot of mirrors to make rooms appear brighter and larger than they actually are. Another trick is to paint some walls/rooms white or a color that will reflect more light.

Yeah!!! I figured that out when my son jumped on one of the beds!!!

Still, I’d argue that if they were to make it quality and consider resale, it’d be a good way to make extra $$$. After all, it’s their job to make a house look good. So if the furniture is good, buyers are essentially getting free interior decorator time. And the stagers presumably get a markup and don’t have to move it out.