Congrats SF Homeowners!

Leading the pack, as always…

Articles always claim that China Chinese is the top international buyers. Being the most populated nation, is that a surprise? Could it be that they think China is a poor nation, and China Chinese are poor and can’t afford to buy?

Well, isn’t China the classic tale of two cities? You have the masses who are very poor and living in classic 3rd world conditions and earning pennies and then you have the pseudo capitalists want to be’s hiding in Mao jackets… you need a score card to tell who’s who…


Exactly. Median income in China is still very low. The same is true of India.

Median income in China is 62029 Chinese yuan per year. That comes out to about is little less than $10,000 yearly. Not a lot but when you consider the cost of living there, except real estate, it is not too bad.

Just think about it. I the land of harsh Communism, in the land of no freedoms, Chinese millionaires are coming as if they were tourists buying trinkets at the store. There are media reports, You Tube videos showing the disregard for the normal civilian whatever the rich kids from China move in.
Is there Communism in China slaving poor peasants or what? If so, the world is f’ed up. Those who hate Communism shouldn’t be pandering or serving those who are apologetic to that cause. Period!
There we go Deleon…

You have to live somewhere though, so the cost of real estate matters.