Consevatives, please, don't cry over Jerry Brown's legacy

This is why the turd in the white house hates California, and so do others. Some infiltrated in postings berating liberals and whatnot.

We will have to wait years before the Brown generation to dieoff…Boomers are always blamed for the faults of the “silent” generation…In fact the 60s was dominated by his peers, not boomers…And they are not giving in…But they are dying off…Do we have to wait another term for Feinstein or Pelosi to die??
One of that generation just died in office…88 years old…

Anybody older than 60 shouldn’t run for president or any political position. Though experience comes with years of experimenting, failing and succeeding, once they get to taste the power of their position they become like the Guanajuato Mummies, they are a spectacle but nobody wants to deal with them.

The problem is the Democratic party is dominanted by old fossils…When Obama ran, the Hillary wing told him not to…
Same with Newsome and Brown…
The young ex Marine Lamb in Pa, ran against Pelosi as much as Trump…The Dems need to purge the silent generation fossils

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But republicans counter attacked with another fossil, a 70 years old 5th grader.

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“Brown has nevertheless raised overall spending by 50 percent in seven years”

That’s just insane spending growth.


A 50 percent increase in per-pupil school spending is locked into the state constitution. New entitlements for health and welfare benefits, including an earned income-tax credit for the working poor and a huge increase in Medi-Cal health coverage, are politically sacrosanct.

Moreover, David Crane, an investor and university lecturer who delves into state finances as an avocation, calculates that California has added more than $200 billion in debt during the last decade.

Most of that debt is in “unfunded liabilities” for promises of pensions and retirement health care made to state and local government employees. While Brown has taken passing swipes at both, they are pushing some cities and school districts to the brink of insolvency.

While higher spending is largely locked in place, the revenue stream is now even more unreliable because it is even more dependent on the rich. Their taxable incomes, particularly from investments, are highly volatile and they might be enticed to flee California now that federal tax law nearly erases their ability to write off their high state taxes


There is Medicare available to everyone, why does the state provide retirement healthcare benefit to retirees? Can they get rid of the retirement healthcare benefit for anyone who is eligible to Medicare?

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CA is screwed the next recession.

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Which may be a good reason not to take Section 8. You’ll be paid in vouchers and forced to accept them.

Why? Section 8 is federal program, not state funded.

Section 8 is more reliable in recessions than regular workers who may lose jobs and income. During economic boom, section 8 tenants would find it difficult to find housing. But when the recession comes, they would be in demand. In term of economic stability, section 8 is AAA, the best. Only issue is whether the tenant cause behavioral headaches, angers neighbors, or cause property value drop.

If government starts to issue section 8 to median income workers who have full time job, landlords would take them over Google engineers for sure :rofl:

What about SB142?

If this stands Jerry will be letting all future criminals out of jail…Hasnt he done enough allowing car window smashing not be a felony?

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Didn’t realize that–I thought it was locally funded.

I hear this in political topics, if you don’t like this president, state, yada, yada, yada, why haven’t you left?

With lots of $, I would be leaving this state, ASAP.

Easy peachy! :smile::smile::smile:

NOW is the time to sell buyinghouse, before the bubble bursts.

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Cry baby, cry!
Isn’t time to go back to your country of origin?

Oh, wait! That’s been said by a racist poster. My apologies. :laughing::laughing::laughing: