Consevatives, please, don't cry over Jerry Brown's legacy


This is why the turd in the white house hates California, and so do others. Some infiltrated in postings berating liberals and whatnot.


We will have to wait years before the Brown generation to dieoff…Boomers are always blamed for the faults of the “silent” generation…In fact the 60s was dominated by his peers, not boomers…And they are not giving in…But they are dying off…Do we have to wait another term for Feinstein or Pelosi to die??
One of that generation just died in office…88 years old…


Anybody older than 60 shouldn’t run for president or any political position. Though experience comes with years of experimenting, failing and succeeding, once they get to taste the power of their position they become like the Guanajuato Mummies, they are a spectacle but nobody wants to deal with them.


The problem is the Democratic party is dominanted by old fossils…When Obama ran, the Hillary wing told him not to…
Same with Newsome and Brown…
The young ex Marine Lamb in Pa, ran against Pelosi as much as Trump…The Dems need to purge the silent generation fossils


But republicans counter attacked with another fossil, a 70 years old 5th grader.

Great! :smile: