Contingency withdrawal, do I need to provide proof?

My sale of property is getting delayed or I may to choose different buyer keeping my home without TFT.

Based on sale contingency, I have a contract with new home. I need to withdraw new buy home based sale contingency,

I had a sale contingency, that I need to invoke. I wrote an email to my agent to withdraw. Do I need to provide a proof? The contingency expires by Tuesday, but I invoked today.

Contingency withdrawal, do I need to provide proof as my buyer verbally informed me.

Most likely not. If they require proof, your agent should be able to tell you what to do.

But your buyer needs to cancel with a written cancellation before you can sell to second buyer. Otherwise, the first buyer can sue you for selling to second buyer.

Are you doing a 1031 exchange? I’m surprised that seller accepts a contingency offer

This is not 1031 exchange.

Cancellation sent. Thanks to everyone, no need to reply further on this thread.