Cool House in Golden Gate Heights

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One of a kind property in Golden Gate Heights! Custom built in 1981.Spellbinding views from Bridge to Bridge! Soaring living rm ceiling encompasses the loft family room area & an open staircase. Expansive open LR/DR boasts an elegant entertaining space with polished sky-lit areas. Architectural elements from Ornate Metal Trusses, large Double Doors, designer paint, wide plank hrdwd floors & Gorgeous Hardware. Tastefully Remodeled Kitchen with a Farm Sink, Bertazzoni Stove, Liebherr Fridge, Bosch D/w, Zephyr Hood, Glass Tiles and Quartz Counters. Grand Master bedrm Suite w/ gorgeous Soaking tub & private Sauna. Kid’s Bedroom with en-suite Bath all redone. All New: Roof, Fireplace, Electrical & Plumbing Fixtures. Large Deck & views from all levels.


Psshhawww. Weaksauce. Windows are not uninterrupted glazing from floor to ceiling, baseboards are not flush with sheetrock, and what’s with the carpet?

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The house next door is just as nutty…

I am very close to those houses - I see them every day. I always think the same thing — why go through the effort of doing all that, but use little itsy-bitsy “standard” height windows and then assemble them like legos, set against wood frames? Why not just make make a huge glass wall from floor to ceiling, that covers the whole rear facade? If you have an awesome view, then invest in a heavy duty moment frame, and then cover the skin of your house with glazing like a high-rise. Don’t betray the awesomeness of the view with residential-grade windows.

Are you Jony Ive? :smile:

Seriously that’s awesome suggestion. You buy this house, change all the windows and instantly add 1M to the value of the house. Yes, those carpets need to go too. Such an insult to the house.

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The house is damn beautiful.

Hahahahaha. I only pretend to be Jony Ive. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: And don’t forget about the baseboards.

:grinning: I got the same exact thought that he might be Jony Ive. How many people live in Golden Gate Heights and love huge glass walls from floor to ceiling?

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(Tongue Firmly in Cheek) — also ---- kitchen has an amateur mistake. They put in a Bosch with the code-required air gap, but did not bother to eliminate the air gap after inspection. Now they have an extra hole in the counter top for nothing. They should have eliminated the air gap (have the DW drain directly into the disposer) and then fill in the extra hole in the counter with a soap dispenser. Sheeeeeesh. Is this the house of the designer of the Microsoft Zune or something??? :wink:

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Hire me to go thru it to find all the flaws. I bet I can get you a $50k credit


You could set a price and offer this as a service to forum members! Elt1 Home Flaw Report!

I checked out this house today at the open house. Architecturally speaking, it is very nicely done and very intriguing. The original architect did a lot to maximize the views and get as much light as possible into the wide but shallow lot. As well, lots of non-orthogonal walls and little “cut out areas” delight and surprise the senses. The house has sense of wonder as the tourer “discovers” each unique space after the next.

Somebody just redid all the bathrooms and the kitchen. The finishes I felt were not bad. Not great, but not bad. Somebody got a deal on those square-style Duravit toilets and went crazy with them. The floating bathroom vanities look nice, but fell down in execution as the handles/drawers felt cheap. As well, the mirrors in the bathrooms should have gone all the way to the ceilings instead of stopping 2’ short.

The hardwood — which seems to be quarter and rift sawn white oak - is nicely done … but on the main floor only. The upper floor (one bedroom) is carpet, and the lower floor (2 more bedrooms) is also carpet.

The master bathroom has a new slipper tub and a new Duravit toilet, but the original shower was not redone and felt like it could fit a 5’5" woman and no more. The original electric blue tile remains - yuk.

The kitchen is nice - of course quartz counters — Leibherr fridge / square recessed lights.

Some weird details — the bottom floor has a separate wall heater in the bathroom (instead of being tied into the central furnace) and that bathroom has 7’ ceilings. Master closet has a doorway that’s probably no more than 28" wide.

My guess is that it will go for 2.2 - 2.3M.

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That’s a great bargain for a good looking house with super good view, wouldn’t you say?

I secretly hope it will go for all the dollars — like 2.5M. :wink: It is one of those houses where the square footage feels like more than it actually is.

Sold for 2.6M!