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Florida limited capacity to 25% and required all tables to be at least 6 ft apart.

Texas limited to 50% capacity and required all tables to be at least 6 ft apart.

You really want to point to that as the issue over protesting?

Just so we are clear a Florida re-opened at the start of May. Cases were flat to declining all month. Floyd was killed May, 25th. Restaurants were already open for 3.5 weeks the 7-day average was still declining. Incubation period from exposure to symptoms is less than a week.

Texas who reopened restaurants May, 1st

Trust the data.

Have always felt tables are too close. Six feet apart is :+1: Any restaurants can’t be profitable should shutdown. I believe all fine dining restaurants have tables six feet or more apart.

Restaurants will have to raise prices.

I never ate out that often even before Covid. If restaurants raise prices, they’ll see less of my money.

Actually protests may have reduced spread of Covid.

If you actually look at the data, the increase isn’t spread evenly through Texas and Florida. It’s concentrated in a few areas. You realize the red dots are places seeing the biggest spikes of COVID cases. Meanwhile, the article is arguing people spent even more time at home during that period. The increase can’t be from restaurants opening, since they were already open for 3.5 weeks and must have been even less busy during the protesting per the data you presented.

Do you want to rethink your it is all restaurants theory, since they were open for weeks with no spike? Yet, protests started and cases immediately spiked in those counties. I’m not sure what science you’re trusting to say it’s restaurants.

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CA +8,610 on Tuesday

Does this number mean anything?

Adding a picture for easier understanding, note the spikes & the recent 7 day average slope.

This graph is for the state of CA.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 9.28.44 AM

anyone watching newsom update? stuff is closing down again :frowning:

People should just call everything a protest, since those are allowed and don’t spread coronavirus.

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People here are doing a “soft protest.” Retailers are posting the latest greatest regulations outside their store but not enforcing them if they want customers. Restaurants are still open and doing a healthy business.
We did have one real “protest” today. I should have taken pictures. It was a pro-police rally outside the sheriff’s office. Signs said things like “Support Your Police” and “The Thin Blue line between Chaos and Civilization.” Lot of people were honking as they drove by.

Should not have opened in the first place. Not until we start arresting people for not wearing masks.

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California to close indoor businesses in some counties as coronavirus cases hit record highs

The state will also ramp up its enforcement of recommended social distancing guidelines and face-covering requirements, Newsom said. Seven agencies will come together to form a “strike team” that will target noncompliant workplaces, he said.

“It’s more education. I’m not coming out with a fist,” Newsom said. “We want to come out with an open heart, recognizing the magnitude of some of these modifications.”

No, please come out with a :fist_right:

Where will you put them all? We’re already trying to empty prisons.

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Quick fix prison cells made of PVC walls.

Throw them in jail.

“They put money in a pot and they try to get COVID. Whoever gets COVID first gets the pot. It makes no sense,” McKinstry said. “They’re intentionally doing it.”

My friends are putting blue strips on their cars. Might get you out of a ticket or get vandalized. A crapshoot

Not good very bad. Europe has 30% more people.