Corruption in the Homeless Industrial Complex


Sad to say…no surprise.

I too have been referring to it as the “Homeless Industrial Complex” for years. Usually to get attacked as a NIMBY or, selfish or, unfeeling asshole. And a few much harsher!

In the meantime, the City of Vallejo, where homeless encampments have grown to rival those in Oakland, finally decided to crack down on a particularly large and dangerous one on the RR ROW. They were met with a lawsuit from the homeless advocates and a judge ordered them to not commence until they could provide alternative beds for the “displaced” homeless. Some CA law was cited as precedent.

All while this was happening, the City has been going after private property owners for not clearing out homeless encampments and preventing recurrence there. They’ve assessed heavy fines and been in court over the matter.

Only in California. You can’t make this stuff up!

I share this with friends and family everywhere to prove that we have actually descended into an Alice in Wonderland world where, down is up and up is down.