Costco just defied everyone's biggest fear about its business — and it's bad news for Amazon

Costco just defied everyone’s biggest fear about its business — and it’s bad news for Amazon

E-commerce sales skyrocketed 28.5% in the company’s second quarter, Costco reported on Wednesday. Same-store sales across the company increased 8.4%.

Despite BAGB’s view that going for grocery shopping is a waste of time, I need to go to Costco to pump gas every week. Besides their Kirkland brand stuffs are well priced, tasty prime ribeye steaks, organic eggs and a lot more.


Why? He doesn’t eat?

I don’t remember that I made that comment. Was it taken out of context or misinterpreted?

manch quoted out of context.

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Love Costco. I just got their cashback reward from all the charging I did last year (maybe a half year at most since I got their credit card). An extra $150 bucks ain’t too shabby. Thanks Costco!

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Costco and Amazon are the most loved retailers. Both are located in Seattle. Any chance for a merger? Or a co-marketing deal?

I don’t get why Costco and Amazon can’t co-exist. I am both an Amazon Prime and Costco executive member. Love both and spend a ton of money on both.


I think Costco and Amazon serve different needs of customers. A huge percent of people have Prime and Costco memberships.

Truth be told, same as BA_lurker, Amazon Prime and Costco executive member.

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If all your cars are electric would you still go to Costco?

Tell you when the time comes to decide :grinning:

I don’t use Costco for gas. The Costco store I frequent doesn’t offer gas pumps. I still have Costco executive membership though.

The buyers(people who buy products on behalf of Costco which are then retailed at various Costco locations) are excellent and they select a limited selection of great products with good prices(better than most). In addition, their return policy is great with excellent customer service.

Amazon is a place where you will get everything(customer has to research on quality & product to buy) … at similar or lately slightly higher prices.

If I don’t want to research too much on quality and stuff Costco it is for me.

I don’t wait at Costco, use booster at work. They fill up while at work and send me receipt…

Wow! Extra respect from me.

Driving to Costco just for Gas is a self defeating money saving proposition. One will lose 1/3 to 1/2 your tiny gas saving just by driving there.

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We need to draw up a list of retailers that can fight off Amazon. Some candidates include: Costco, Best Buy, Dollar Tree and Five Below. But as you can see below all are lagging AMZN:

I wonder if Best Buy can be sorta like Apple store but for other brands? If someone wants to buy a smart speaker, where can he go to try them out? Amazon makes one, Google makes one, Apple makes one, and soon even Facebook may make one.

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Have stopped buying Costco organic eggs(they’re tasteless IMO). Now we buy organic eggs from the Farmer’s market… yummy!!


I can’t taste the difference among eggs from different sources. If cooked well they are all good. We stopped buying organic eggs too from Costco since we started raising chickens in our backyard, but again our free-range chicken eggs don’t really taste any better than store-bought eggs.