I don’t have to wait. Don’t know the price difference. Gas prices are too low to care.

Costco in Carson City is up to $2 cheaper than Tahoe. Worth the drive if you will shop there anyway.

Granted I don’t drive that much in general but recently was the first time I have ever eclipsed $100 for a full tank of regular unleaded. And yes, Costco pump…

I put gas in my minivan yesterday and it was $95 and change. Sunnyvale Costco was cheaper than most other Costcos. Otherwise it probably would’ve crossed over $100 too.

Yes, I bought some of that durian for wifey…


so much indian stuff too. Costco Livermore is Indian food galore,lentils, sweets, etc i don’t go to indian store as much anymore unless I need spices.

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