Cougar sighted in San Mateo

Wait it’s just a mountain lion?

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a big ass cat.

I thought you meant the other cougar…


Clickbait worked! :smile:

Are cougars Republican or Democrat?

they eat both republican and democrat if hungry enough.

I saw a whole pack of them at the Blue Pheasant in Cupertino…

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What? :scream:

Is it because of global warming? So many cougars is abnormal

here’s some cougar

Coyotes are scarier.

coyote ugly?

Cougars bears and coyotes are no longer hunted. Not afraid of humans and will soon consider us a food source. Might solve the housing shortage :sunglasses:

This will make flatland houses appreciate more. It’s scary to live on the hills

I live up on the hill, i hear coyote, but they’re down on the flatland of the hill haha