Could you live in 200 square feet? Local company builds tiny homes for Bay Area minimalists

Now I wonder if I can park a few of these in my backyard and have a tiny mobile park?? The cashflow will be crazy… :smile:

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Is this just a small mobile home? A few years ago, you could buy a bigger mobile home for the same price with a land lease.

Is there still mobile homes for sale? I do not remember to see any mobile home for sale lately.

Since we are allowed to have a secondary inlaw unit now, is it a good idea to buy a manufactured house and put it in the backyard? Is mobile home also making your house under rent control?

These are small mobile homes, but better built (usually highly efficient vs. the almost uninsulated legacy stuff). I think they also spend more time optimizing the use of space.

These new mobile homes are definitely more attractive looking than the typical ones in mobile home parks. The current trend seems to be hacking at the housing problem around the edges instead of dealing with it head on. That’s what allowing more in-laws will do. We will still have severe housing shortage, but just a tiny bit better and the pols can show they did something.

So maybe after the in-laws we will allow more of these tiny mobiles parked on driveways and backyards? What if I can park two of these in SF and charge $2k for each? :heart_eyes: :money_mouth: :moneybag:

Manufactured home may achieve the same quality or even better reliability than real houses. That could greatly reduce the construction cost and reduce the wasted time and money at city government.

current price is still too high. If I can buy a 200 square feet house for $10-20k, it would make sense. At 50k, it’s too much.

Now I can not live inside a cage.

Ikea has several models. 450, mid 300s and one size is even smaller. I wrote a few blogs awhile back.

Awhile back I visited a friend in HK who pwns a 650 sf home with 4 bed rooms. I laid across the bedroom could not stretch my arms at night could not sleep. No wonder he bought a huge SUV that was not much smaller than his living room…

650 ft is a mansion in Hong Kong. The latest micro apartment is only 128 ft!!

I have lived in 200 sq. ft. apartments and I survived. Then I realized that we need so little to be happy! These tiny homes look very good! And the trend of tiny homes is still boiling, as housing becomes more and more expensive. Tiny homes are a way of avoiding long term debt, too. Not everybody wants a life-long debt, but would rather enjoy their full salaries and income. Tiny homes are here to stay, for sure.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan are used to shoeboxes & MRTs (subways), Americans are used to large SFHs with a backyard and front lawn, and two petrol gushing cars.