Crime is Rampant in Hayward, 5 Killed in 2 Weeks

I am lazy to find out but I heard in the news 5 people got killed in the last 2 weeks. 1 person killed every month for the record.

Crime doesn't recognize boundaries, it will travel, it has guns. You know that second amendment guy, don't you? :laughing:

I was never a big fan of Hayward for some reason, even though I am sure there are decent places up in the hills.

That’s funny because the crime rates of Detroit and Ferndale say crime knows boundaries. They are separated by 8 Mile Rd, but they might as well be hundreds of miles apart.

Detroit homicide rate: 298/100,000
Ferndale homicide rate: 2/100,000

That’s a pretty magical road between the two cities.

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Hayward is quiet compared to Stockton

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Shooting somebody in order to steal a phone? What the…

You folks are right, Hayward Hills is different than Hayward, especially the hill area above the California State University, East Bay.

I live at the TPC Stonebrae Country Club, which is a guard-gated private PGA Tour golf course, on the very top of Hayward Hills.

It is a hidden gem, with amazing view to the Bay Area – from San Francisco to Palo Alto.

From my experience, the secret of living in Hayward Hills is … folks don’t necessarily go to Hayward…

They run errands just across the other side of the hill at the Castro Valley Hills, spend weekends at the tri-valley (Pleasanton, Dublin, etc.), and send kids to the private schools at Castro Valley.

Hayward Hills is beautiful and safe, with some very nice neighbors from all over the Bay Area (doctors, dentists, tech engineers, etc.)

When have time, checkout the area – starting from the California State University, East Bay, through Hayward Blvd going up the hill, through Fairview, and to Castro Valley. There are some hidden gems up there.

Best regards,

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I have a beach house for sale in Idaho…:smiling_imp:

Hayward is no langer a secret. .I have been telling folks to buy there for years…One of my best friends paid $1m in the hills three years ago…now worth $1.4m…There are new homes going for $1.5m

Close to my house… :frowning:

Come on, there was a shooting in Pacific Heights over the weekend… sheet happens everywhere!!!

True, it can happen anywhere and does.

I’m just sad he died. It’s a working class neighborhood. We just are out here working hard and hustling.

Crime is a daily occurrence, you don’t notice it until knocks on your door. For example, one parent from my daughter’s school charter shot his wife last week. We didn’t know all the details but over the hearsay or horse’s mouth.

Gee! One crime is nothing! Worry about the idiots loving guns.

Oh…wait! Now we need to ban trucks. :smile::crazy_face::face_with_monocle:

Move to Malaysia then!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning:

I will help to carry the luggage. :wink:

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Every city has its crimes.

Just a quick look at today’s (local) news around the central bay area:

  • A 17-years old was shot to death at Belmont elementary school.

  • A woman was sexually assaulted and robbed near downtown Palo Alto.

  • A Redwood City taqueria was robbed at knifepoint.

My co-workers want me to do it. How else are they going to move up?

Indeed. It is a thing of a daily occurrence in any state.

I don’t care about being a victim of any crime, I am on my way out.

What scares me is the gun nuts everywhere.

I’ve been basically shitting on my pants twice in the last year alone when they sent us a notification of a “lock down” at my boy’s high school.

I swear, I panicked, big time! . :disappointed_relieved:

Why are they moving? Violence? Or they achieved the wealthy status? :wink:

With such a small work team, I would have to die off before the young’uns sniff anything close to a promotion…