Daly City Builds Affordable Housing for Teachers

DALY CITY, Calif. (AP) β€” San Francisco Bay Area high school teacher Lisa Raskin moved out of a cramped apartment she was sharing with a roommate and into her own place this month, paying a deeply discounted $1,500 a month for a one-bedroom with expansive views within walking distance to work.

It was once an impossible dream in an exorbitantly priced region hostile to new housing. But her employer, a 4,000-student school district south of San Francisco, was the rare success story in the struggle to provide affordable housing and in May, it opened 122 apartments for teachers and staff.

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Who built it? Who subsidizes it? Who manages it? Who pays the salaries? Of all the contractors maintenance people and vendors?
And why should the Sierra Club have any say in such matters. An elitist group of hikers that hate humanity and love trees….

Our country is too rich and too much money floating around. Why not subsidize the teachers some? :slight_smile:

Makes more since to just pay the teachers more money. But more importantly they need support of parents. Kids are entitled monsters. Teachers today have a thankless job, especially with parents harassing them daily with meddling and whining about their special kids.

US is copying British system of building teacher estates?