Daly City Business license for rental property

Just got this letter in the mail, looks like i have to apply for a license
Does anyone know anything about it. How much is the license ?

Oakland also has that requirement and I didn’t know about it at first. Got a mail from them one day and in it they explained how much I owed them. :smile:

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thanks manch.

Looks like it’s 0.5% of your annual rental income.

Yeah, 0.5%. The city just want to get money from us whenever they could.
I then started investing into broadmoor instead, inside Daly City but also out of Daly City so no business license…

Lots of cities have this license.

Particularly sneaky are some communities in Salt Lake County, Utah.
The license for a SFR rental is ~$100 a year per house.
But if you take the “Good Landlord Class”, then it’s reduced to ~$20.
The class takes only 2 hours and is taught on a weekday from 8:30am to 10:30am.

A great way to charge those wealthy out-of-state investors, and to be popular with the locals.

There’s actually a business based in Fresno that does nothing else but identify un-registered landlords within a certain city. E.g. the City of Santa Cruz works with them. Their name is “Muniservices”. I suspect that the City of Santa Cruz gives them a list of all registered landlords with their properties. Then Muniservices goes and looks every quarter at all recorded transactions of ownership (Grant Deeds, other types of deeds). Then they mail the new owner a bill.

I got their letter and was convinced it was a scam. A local city official confirmed the company is for real.

“Revenue Enhancement Specialists”


Thanks , let me call daly city to see if they offer such course.
Yeah i thought it was a scam in the beginning also.

South Lake Tahoe has a licence fee, helps pay for their annual inspection. .Only enforced on five units and above…about $100/unit. But their vacation rental fees are huge…12% gross plus annual fees
.0.5% is highway robbery in DC

Let me know if you found out about the course too, I got similar mail and was just researching on the requirement.

I just called daly city, they said fill in the application and send 3 yr of tax return(they only need schedule E ) and send it over to fresno address. Looks pretty straight forward

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Shoot, if you think that is bad, Oakland is at 1.395% of gross rents.

daly city is great, they rejected the rent control… i’m very happy to pay


Daly City is too lazy too collect the money?..Send it to me…I will make sure they get it…