Daly City Rocking The Overbids

Sure, why not DC to the party too… 1.4M!!!

Daly City used to be considered undesirable as compared to SF…

Not anymore, sfdragonboy is reluctantly needing to consider DC now…:grinning:

Oh wow. That’s probably highest comp in the area. Now I am curious on sold price of this one:

That’s different neighborhood. first one is the most desirable neighborhood in daly city , and two story in that area is rare as well

Sounds like you bought in at a very, very good time. I am still pursuing my private sale home in Westlake but that might be dying…

San Bruno is very hot and desirable right now. The people I am seeing at the open houses are young couples and from the prices, man, even I am getting discouraged and I have money coming from an exchange hopefully to pretty much pay for the darn home!!! Pricing is starting to legitimately creep to lower Millbrae pricing that shoot I mind as well go there too…

I agree that Westlake is definitely more desirable, but IMO, the difference is generally less than 100K price difference. But Mirada house is much more update.

That Miranda one is a nice looking one! Now, we don’t know yet what it will go for (let us know @myo) but come on, wouldn’t you take this in Millbrae then over that 1.4M one??? Better schools right?

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I was late when I get in, but I guess who doesn’t wish to buy early in Bay Area. Good luck with your private sales, but in this market, I am surprised on existence of private sales, I don’t really see any discount on those sales.

Tenant strategy in play, that’s why…

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Never thought this title would ever come up in my lifetime “daly city rocking the overbids” haha, i thought people hate daly city.
I think biotech in SSF will help the neighboring cities as well.

Oh @RealEstatebull, regarding Washington Street, my boy Alex is back from Thailand and he said that sold. Did you get it??? Even he is saying the market is flaming hot. I should have bought his Washington remodel with inlaw for 1M…Alex, find me another one!!!

Well, if this is the norm now, we gotta report it… your home is zooming up the charts

If it weren’t for the plane noise, I would gladly buy in SSF. I am not going to spend 1M+ for a plane buzzing my home every 10 minutes. I won’t do it!!!

Hey @sfdragonboy that one has a ton of mold, going around high 8s and told 19 offers, decided to step out of the bidding game. looking at other properties in the area though. Serramonte homes are touching 1.2M daly city is definitely rocking!!

@myo Mirada only sold for 1.28M. Kinda disappointed though. closed in 10 days. looks like a cash offer or banks are closing taht soon ?

  1. That’s practically San Francisco. It’s even on the SF side of John Daly.

  2. The house is humongous at 2600 ft. Per foot price is below $500.

  3. Whoever bought it is an idiot.


Yea, 10 day seems like a cash transaction, but who is buying it with cash for all remodeled property? I was expecting around 1.3M so I am not really disappointed. I feel that it is more realistic step up from current price, I would prefer that over unrealistic one time buyer.

Geez, fixer with 19 offers for high 8s??? I shouldn’t have passed on fully remodeled with inlaw for 1M. My bad, Alex, I should have listened to you…

Oh, I called the contact Dave and I don’t think he wanted to share on that private San Bruno listing…

When does your 1031 clock start? Wonder why he didnt want to share? he was cross selling me this and other properties.

Financed would have been a higher offer may be and looks like double dipping from selling agent as well.

Also, I dont see it being consitently going higher, comps are all over the place. That listing that went for 1.17 is crazy for unpermitted downstairs.