Daly City Rocking The Underbids!


Listed for 799, sold for 720.


Nice ghetto bart area.


Another one rocking the underbid


Is that because daly city is bad?

Wow - it was almost a short sale (it probably was). I wonder what’s going on there.


Yup, daly city is really bad.


Doesn’t look too bad. Could be a great rental.


You should totally stay away from Daly City. Really really bad :zombie:


Crime? Schools? owners? What’s bad? won’t be gentrified?


Daly City = worst (cheapest) city in the Peninsula. Mainly due to “ghetto Asians”.


What ghetto asians?


Those who can’t afford posh San Francisco… :rofl:


Not sure of worst. But yea cheap city but probably highest rent per sqft / room though. Just about to head there to go show my 600 sqft (2/1) to rent for $2250. Just posted couple of days ago and about 5 groups showing up this afternoon.


Yes and I get more rent per sqft out of Antioch…


So you are basically saying “don’t go there” to keep the market less crowded, so you can buy more? :slight_smile:


Yep, I am talking about peninsula


I am talking about cheapness and not rent.


Such a bad city, so foggy and full of cemetery. STAY AWAY ppl


To be fair, cemeteries are mostly in Colma, and I think Pacifica is foggier… :wink:


This one sold last year, it just wasn’t updated on mls


Yes, nothing goes for less than a million now.